Vaastu Shiv Shakti Reunion

15/03/17, 10:14:30 PM: N H Sahasrabuddhe: Yoni
Yoni represents desire in mythology .Its root meaning in Sanskrit is womb-abode-source-uterus -vagina.In Puranas it represent the goddess of Shakti .So basically in Vaastu shastra source of Shakti is Earth element and as a matter of desire and element ;it is situated in the Muladhara.In Yogeshsatara this chakra is related to desire-vasana kosh.So in Ayadi Calculations as we connect the individual to his birth star value ;simultaneously his own personal desires and their fulfilment is taken care of ;by Calculations related to the factor Yoni.
The male counterpart of the Yoni is Lingam which has been taken care of by seeding the Vaastu-Nabhi-Shanku in the first ritual related to the plot-Vaastu.
That's why definition of vaastushastra in the most revered text of Vaastu viz Kamika Aagam as
Vaastutantre Mahatantre Shivshakti Samudaye ....
15/03/17, 10:23:53 PM: N H Sahasrabuddhe: The reunion of Lingam-Yoni ie Element -Energy ie Shiva-Shakti is a symbol of eternal process of creation and regeneration .As this virtue and quality to Vaastu-Bhumi of Beejankan-Prajanan-Pariposhan happens when this reunion of Lingam-Yoni or Element-energy or Shiva Shakti happens.This mandalakar streaming of Shakti -energy is nothing but a dance or Aanand -Tandav of Shiva.
15/03/17, 10:44:47 PM: N H Sahasrabuddhe: Yoni is considered as the form of life rather species.According to oriental philosophy there are 84 Yonis through which when soul travels enters in the human form,from where the ascension happens in the urdhva means vertical direction.So human being stands straight like a flame of fire ,with his aura standing above in the Aakash -ether-sky.So to protect the human aura and its relation to the Aakash tatva floor heights are important in vaastushastra along with the factor Yoni that liberates the soul from lower yonis after death.Thats why the house is called as first medium of Tantra where the helical ascending form of energy unify the four pillars of consciousness.
15/03/17, 11:03:45 PM: N H Sahasrabuddhe: Yoni represents the earths menstruation where as lingam represents the seed of fire .When factors in the Ayadhi-Calculations are taken care of ;this reunion of seed in the yoni ie lingam and yoni happens which gives a push to the process of regeneration and creation .Correlating the self to the star value and then breaking the physical phenomenal boundaries by this element-energy reunion by other factors is the soul purpose of the Ayadhi-Calculations.

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