🌺Sahasra maha Vaastu 🌺 🌸Divine Earth Element 🌸 Raising the floors to sink zones ,absorb all the currents of negative energy. As per the theory of Yogashastra ;such currents of negative energy are created by negative cosmic breathe ;which is termed as Surya Pingala Nadi Pravah .To arrest the activity of these poison arrows of sink directions;it is necessary to add the gross, subtle &divine expression of Earth element .Earth being the only element that can absorb the vibrations of ether , energy & light ;its important to organise the Earth element in all the sinking zones-of your house - vaastu - factory - office. To establish the soul of Earth element in the Vaastu Purush Mandala, Vaastu Nabhi Shankhu is placed in the Southwest node of Bramhasthana .The entire surrounding of this divine shankhu is compactly filled by using such river pebbles. River pebbles contain the qualities and virtues of all the 5 great elements & hence such pebble is divine expression of Earth element. Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe 9822011050

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