SahasraMahavaastu: Confined-conformed-closed south is the property of southern zone.Earth being the prime element of this zone ,all expressions of the earth and fire element lead to the quality and virtue to this zone.As subtle vibrations of earth element are gained through the yellow colour,gross vibrations are gained through the natural stone and divine vibrations are attained through the sacred geometry of the mural ,such representation of all these three aspects of earth element stabilise the strength and power leading to absorption of the negativity and removes the fear of the imbalance from the negative matrix of deities of the south zone.Due to the Bhoum-Yantra on the south zone and due to yogik expression of the element,a perfect sequence of Grah-Tatya-Devta-Disha-Urja leads to the peace-progress-prosperity in the life. Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe 9822011050

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