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Mars is mythologically termed as the Commander In Chief of the Gods.So it has all the characters of the Lord Indra who is king of gods.Mars rules two signs -Aries and Scorpio which are connected to two opposite elements namely Fire and the water element,means mars is powerful in these both opposite elements.And Mars is considered as the Son of the earth element.So it has various qualities and virtues which can be helpful to all the people;if it's vibrations are properly planned in the house-factory-office.Its right vibrations lead to ambition-success-strength-power.If we consider the deity Indra as the synonymous to the planet Mars then in Vaastu Purusha Mandala it is placed in the east and southwest zones too .In the east zone Indra ie Mars lies on the boundary and in the southwest zone it lies nearer to the Brahmsthan.In the east zone it blesses its characters as the courage-victory-strength and ascending quality of the fire element. Whereas in the southwest zone it acts as the strength to enjoy the sensuous pleasures and being son of the earth helps in the Beejankan-Prajanan-Patiposhan ie seeding-growth-multiplication.
As in the Kaal Purusha Kundali ie Natural horoscope,Mars is connected to east zone due to Aries and to the southwest zone due to the Scorpio sign.
And as is exalted in Capricorn which falls in south of the natural horoscope,mars rules the sky of the south zone to .So like Sun ,it starts its vibrations in the east ,rises in the south and as if sets in Scorpio ie water sign ;but in the southwest zone.Since it is intense in the south zone and it is one of the malefic planet;southern zone is associated with the malefic effects.To compensate the intensity of this malefic mars ,copper panelling plays wonders as it regulates the eddy currents and puts the mars vibrations in the order and discipline.When commander in chief remains in the order,automatically all other factors of the army get aligned properly,that's the beauty of simple way of the copper panelling to the south zone.A powerful mars on the south sky with disciplined ordered force lines attracts the moon streams ,leading to a proper passaging and channelising of the north energy,rather provides the strength to the meandering nature of the moon streams .This cleanses the path of the Sutra-Devtas travelling along the organic axis viz Yashovati-Kanta-Shanta-Vishala-PranVahini-Sati-Sumana-Nanda-Subhadra-Susthiti.
When mars rises on the east earth zone ,it creates the energy channels in the Vaastu Purusha Mandala by it's power up to west zone.These channels are the energy audit of the entire Vaastu Purusha Mandala as their names signifies and fulfils all the requirements of the physical phenomenal-psychological and spiritual thirst of the occupants-viz.Hiranya-Suvrata-Laxmi-Vibhuti-Vimala-Priya-Jaya-Kala-Vishoka-Indra.These twenty Sutra Devatas means the total energetics of the Vaastu-Purusha-Mandala.
So implanting Red-Coral in the Aryama division ,rather in the lotus of the matrix of deities of the east zone,leads to the flowering of these deities leading to the bliss-peace-prosperity.
Aryama is the ocean of prana that supplies strength to the Savita-Savitru ie Suryaloka and as well to the Vivasvana ie the Pitru-loka.So ascension of the forefathers-spirits-angels from Putru Loka to the Surya loka is supported by the padma-lotus of the matrix of the east deities.All the haunted houses if treated for the east zone will have positive effect on the pitru dosha too ,due to supporting movement of the travel of the pitru Loka to the Surya Loka.Hence in Shraddh-ritual too there lies great importance to the deity Aryama.

🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺🌈Saturn:
Saturn is mythologically termed as the representative of the labour class as well is hard Master and the justice that reads the person without any emotional kindness.Saturn means Shani means Shanaihi Shanaihi means slow and slow .So it is the utmost slow moving planet that takes around thirty months to cover 30 degrees of the one sign of the zodiac.Due to its slow gesture it is termed as the old gentleman in the solar system.Due to its wisdom ,it is termed as the senior person in the solar system.Mythologically it is narrated as the old-ugly-frail and without any emotional quotient in this the behaviour.Its effects are long-standing in the life .It is the most important planet in the Vaastu Shastra ,so it's stone is used twice in the Ratnadhyay ie to West and the Northwest directions.It is considered as the son of the Sun and rises where Sun sets.So Saturn rules on the west horizon.
It is the only planet that rules on the connected two signs ie Capricorn and Aquarius ie west and south both .In Vaastu Shastra west and south are most important directions due their sinking characters and Saturn too rises on the sinking characters of the Sun.So as Sun means light-life-luxury So Saturn means darkness-death-dirt.
Saturn is considered as the Kaal ie the deity that rules the cycles of the time .Due to its connectivity to the death ,it is connected to the lord Shiva and Yama.It is the brother of Yama ,who controls the cycles of the breath and the Saturn controls the cycles of the time;and both are connected to the main sinking direction South.So prolonging of the breath cycles by reducing the pace of the cycles of the time is in the hands of Saturn.Prolonging of the breath cycles can happen in two way ,one by yogik means and the other by pain -sorrow-anxiety.
Jupiter is connected to the knowledge-expansion-gurudom-prosperity-tradition and Saturn is connected to the justice-tradition-religion-wisdom-contraction.So Jupiter is the kind master and Saturn is the real and hard master.Similarly in the VaastuShastra west and south are more important directions than the east and north directions.
As Sun is connected to the life so Saturn represents the after death life.So all the houses with disturbed south and west have shadows of feeling and the expressions of the spirits and haunting.
As Capricorn -Aquarius are own signs of Saturn and it is exalted in libra-the sign of Venus ; so Saturn represents the earth and wind element.Planet rules the earth where it lies in own sign and rules the sky where it is exalted.So Saturn rules the earth and the zone that lies under the earth of the south direction and rules the sky of wind element ie west zone .
Primarily Saturn can be classified as planet of wind element and then it is connected to the earth element;hence in the Ratnadhyay it's stone is placed in the west and northwest zone;where lies the wind element.
When Saturn or characters of the Saturn emerge in the west zone ,Saturn being the slowest moving planet ;it gives full moon effect to all the east pranik energy and to the east matrix of deities too.One circular river pebble with absorption of sesame oil and black colour ;if kept in the west zone then it will give accelerating effect to the streaming of the east prana energy.This simple remedy can improve the vibrations of the deity Mitra -leading to better relationships in home and society too.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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