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🌈Rahu: Rahu is mythologically termed as the shadow planet with multiple meanings.
Rahu means ambiguity so Rahu represents smoke ie unburnt evil form of fire element.As such it is considered that signs of mercury are Rahu s own signs.Constellation of Rahu rules on the west sky and Rahu represents the polluted orbit of the wind.
Astrologically Rahu represents the genetical Connectivity with the forefathers.So Rahu position in the birth chart tells the pitru dosha ,which is reflected by fault in the southwest zone of the house.This pitru dosha by way of the Kaal Sarp Yoga reflects the Vidisha Vaastu in the house.Due to Vidisha condition in the house,the elements are not in control ,energy is weak and the aspect of Sun on the house is wrong ;which is said as the Viprit Sour Sandarbha.So If north-northeast-East are closed along with the Vidisha-condition then it is not the house but is cremation ground.Normally such situation happens when in the birth chart of the occupant ,the dasha of Rahu with placement of Rahu in the eighth house ,along with conjunction of the mars-sun-moon happens in the Kaal Sarp Yoga.
If Rahu and moon are together it shows the psychological disease and house with toilets to north and northeast;along with fault in the south and southwest respectively in the house.This reflects the corruption of the entire axis of Jeeva or disruption of the entire axis of the earth and water element.In such cases one should leave such house as soon as possible and as the adjustment should stay in the rental house which has good streaming of the source directions and solid-powerful earth element to the sink directions.
Rahu means a void so unless the prana fills these gaps and starts vibrating in the rhythm,void can not get transformed in to the spaces.The voids in the personality ,in intellectual faculty or in the psychological behaviour are connected to effects of Rahu on Mars or Sun or Moon respectively.And in the house these voids are reflected by faults in the north-northeast-east and faults in the fire and wind element.Normally houses with the torque of the fire and the wind reflect the severe fault of the planet Rahu .
Rahu represents a force and poison .In Vaastu Shastra the intense force is reflected by the fault of the vithishula .A strong conjunction of Rahu and Mars in the birth chart ,is the perfect example of the vithishula .If such conjunction happens in the first house then the hitting of road is in the fire zone of the house .
For all such Rahu affected people ,they suffer because of the loss of the rhythm,so simple way to come out from that situation is following the pradakshina to the plant suggested by the avakhada chakra for their Star-Nakshatra.Or if fault lies in the fire element then choose the Banian tree ,if in the wind element then choose the peepal tree,if in the earth element then choose the audumber tree and if it is in the water element then do the pradakshina to a small lake in your area .Or in Tamil culture it is suggested to follow the English figure 8 ,with alignment on the north-south axis and start from the centre of the knot towards north in the clockwise way.
It is a fantastic exercise and every Vaastu Expert should follow it as it gives the balancing of the Prana and Apana.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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