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🌈Moon:Moon is mythologically termed as the consort of 27 Nakshatra.It has only one sign as own house namely cancer and is exalted in the sign of Venus ie Taurus.Moon in Vaastu Shastra is deity Soma,Moon in yogshastra is situated as the mind and Ida streams,Moon in Tantra is represented by the ascending energy ,Moon in pranayama is represents the left breath.Its the positive auspicious cosmic breath which is associated with the Moon and excitation of this breath happens mainly from north zone and secondarily from east zone too.North is considered as the wish pond due to the moon-soma-Mind in the north zone.Moon is the fastest moving planet of astrology so Moon represents speed in the Vaastu Shastra.Speed is the virtue of the wind first and water then,so moon is assigned to the northwest direction first and then to the north zone.So to control the excessive fickleness of moon ,in Ratnadhyay it is suggested to use Blue Safire to the northwest zone ,in Rudra Division.Blue Safire is related to Saturn and Saturn controls and contracts ,so to control the fickleness of the moon ,blue Safire is used.Saturn represents the tradition and acts as the strict- old-grandfather;which protects the zone assigned for the grand daughters.The deity Rudra and Saturn are connected,so to balance the vibrations of Saturn,Rudra Sukta is chanted with sacrifices and homa.
Moon means females ,particularly in the north zone moon means mother.So to reduce the faults in the north zone and to improve the vibrations of the north zone ,when pearls and silver are used then that improves the vibrations related to the motherhood.
As the definition of the mind by great Patanjali is संकल्प विकल्पो मन: means that dwells in the state of doing and undoing ,to control the mode of undoing in the life ,enhancing the virtues of moon is necessary.So placement of pearls and silver in the north zone works as the positive activater in inducing the glory of moon vibrations in the house.
If north is closed means moon is diminishing in the house.If north is polluted then it's the situation like moon-eclipse .If north is loaded then it is the situation like a no moon day.
If north is high means sky is missing.If north is loaded means energy is missing.If north is closed means light is missing.
Activation of sky can happen by core cut holes.Activation of light can happen by mirrors and chandeliers.Activation of energy can happen by seeding of pearls and silver.Activation of the cleansing forces and removal of the pollution of the water element can happen by the Crystal-assembly.
Milk-sandal wood-camphor-rice grains-crystal-pearls-Silver-white light-white marble-water are activators of the moon vibrations.Where as all the activators of the Jupiter,act as the supportive-blessers and enhancers to the moon virtues.
Moon means water element,so when it is flowing it has good distributory qualities due to its mandalacar flow characters .So when moon is ascending in the house means the Jaivik-organic-energy in the house is showing mandalacar spread ,leading to prana to all the deities ;which is the real virtue of the balanced energetics of the house.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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