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🌈Mercury:Mythologically Mercury is considered as the messenger of gods being the closest planet to the Sun.In Indian context mercury represents the intellectual faculty .
Mercury owns the sign Gemini which represents the wind element and the west zone where as the second sign owned by mercury is Virgo which represents earth element and south zone.So mercury is very closed to the Venus -Saturn-Rahu .In Kaal Purusha Kundali mercury owns the third and the sixth house but it does not get appreciated in these houses of the birth chart .It is mostly situated with Sun and maximum 28 degrees away from the Sun.
As such this is the most passive and secondary planet like the northwest direction of the Vaastu Shastra.In astrology and Vaastu Shastra both this planet has less importance as compared to the planets like mars-saturn-rahu-Jupiter etc.
It has importance when it gets connectivity to planets like Mars-Ketu ,which spoil the aspiration of the direction connected to the mercury.
For Example:If the first house of chart contains conjunction of the Rahu -Mars-Meecury in the sign Aries then such cases it spoils the intellectual faculty ,making the person intellectually corrupt .Its reflections in the Vastu can be seen by the forceful attack of the fire energy in the house ie there could be a vithishula effect in the fire zone ie to east or southeast zone.Due to its passive mode it may lead to the anxiety and indecisiveness,which in the Vaastu Shastra are the effects of the west attacks in the Vaastu Shastra.
As in the Vaastu Shastra the northeast zone contains the head of the Vaastu Purusha,so any faults related to the Mercury in the birth chart can be seen in the faults of the northeast zone of the house.
Body parts that are reflected by Mercury are the arms, ears, lungs, nervous system, skin .So the faults in the Maha-Marmas on the body of the Vaastu Purusha can be assigned to the loss of the aspiration of the mercury in the birth chart .
These six Marmas are in the zone of the Bhudhara-Aryama-Brahma-and the northeast zone .So any faults in these deities can be associated with the condition of the mercury in the birth chart .
Mercury is the planet of communication and it signifies fields related to communications,commerce, trade, accounts, banking, mobile, networking, computers etc.
Well placed Mercury is seen in the charts of authors astrologers,media persons, mathematicians, chartered accountants, lawyers, dealers, brokers, businesspersons, etc. Several known artists, sculptors and salespersons possess good Mercury in their horoscopes.
All these faculties are the contribution of the east-west-South aspirations.
So in general faults related to these three zones along with the central Brahmsthan,may reflect the faults of the planet Mercury.
Mercury is Karaka of the tenth house of the chart means again it signifies the south zone .The deity of the mercury is Lord Vishnu ,so it characterises the deity Bhudhar in the north matrix of deities.
So effects of the planet mercury are not aligned to any specific direction and should be checked with judgement and wisdom.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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