99. A perfect vaastu is like a grand concert as it has fine tuning of the rhythm to attain the synchronicity that transcends the frequency beyond the human limitations. Creation of the balanced state of the body-mind-intellect that has all humanitarian dimensions like kindness-sense of equality-compassion is the purpose of this Shastra. And this purpose is attained very silently and in a subtle manner ; without any propaganda like many religious cults.
Since vaastushastra contains all Shastras like
Astrology as it's connected to the Nakshatras and Tithis ; so it acts like a predictive tool.
Since it contains the deity like Brahma at the center ; it's prime importance is to connect the self to the ever expanding and dynamic cosmic movement ; actually which is the universal truth of each existence.
As the deity Bhudhar means lord Vishnu ; symbolically it creates the time and future organisation for each Jeeva . Where has the Brahma stands for the states before all origins and is solely connected to the process of the creation ; so lies in the present moment .
Where as the deity Vivasvan has multiple dimensions like a whole tradition of forefathers ie the past tense and the existence of the Jeeva after the death .
As the whole subject is related to the energy so obviously it has beginning-momentum-end ; that's what is reflected in assessing the age and stage of any Vaastu ; along with the remedies to be used as medication through rituals-prayers-Chid Vastus ; so that horse runs in the life race.
As each molecule of any element is the balanced combination of all the five elements; so the transformation of the water to fire through the state of steam is possible and transform of the water to earth through the state of the snow is possible. The chakra of the existence as a perpetual movement happens due to this elastic changeable virtues of each existence; with it's compatibility to attain the balanced state .

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