98.The alignment of the forms on the plot decides the the success of that unit .The blue colour shed which lies to the road side will give push to economy of that factory or it may lead to the total liquidation ; it depends on the placement of this shed as regards the rest of the factory.
The industrial structures contain some forceful energy because of the long and continuous form of the factory. This channelised energy do get absorbed and it's speed gets reduced due to the huge machines in the channel form of the energy. Otherwise in any other structure such a long channelised pattern of the energy forms a shool like a vithishula . Such shool is a killer force and is termed as the Shar-Chi in Fengshui.
Many times such huge machines need a solid machine foundation ; which is the powerful earth element. This powerful earth element absorb the energy currents and that leads to the reduction in the force of that energy.
Normally in the industrial structures there lies two fold roof slope . If the shed is east- west long then one slope is to the north ; which is very good . But the other slope is to the south that creates the thermal torque on the energetics of that Vaastu ; due to projecting of the half roof to the scorching Sun. In such cases ; while planning the roof it's advised to shift the ridge towards the south ; so the major slope happens to the north and the minor slope gets projected to the south and the scorching Sun.
The sense of the geometry and the solar path are two important factors ; which control the energetics of that Vaastu . Physical imagination of the travel of the energy in the units with reference to the five great elements; is one more very important aspect while designing the industrial layout .
Travel of light from source direction to the sink direction is the key in the planning . If this one important tenet is followed while selection of the form and while aligning the unit ; then mostly it gives a good success.

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