95. Whenever energy attacks like a force on any form then it disturbs or breaks the form . Disturbed form contains the distorted the spaces that leads to a combination of the space and voids. Though space is under the bliss of the positive planets like moon- Jupiter-Venus ; but these planets being passive in nature ; it takes longer time to gain its positive results to the occupants. Where as the voids are controlled and ruled by the malific planets like Saturn -Rahu-Mars and these planets are more intense in creating their negative mode ; they have profound attacking results to the occupants. So for the Vaastu expert it's important that he should reduce the voids from any house with first urgency.
In this house there lies main disturbance in the east due to the toilets and blockage ; in the southeast due to the extension as well the forceful passaging of the energy; and the Viprit antaral to the southwest zone because of the cut and the terrace.
Entry from the northwest corner and extended southeast with force has formed a torque of the fire and the wind element. Normally the entrance zones are connected to the depressions of the lift and some passaging ; this geometry creates the intense streaming in that zone . So over here the wind element is imbalanced due to the corner entry . Northwest corner means Rog division in the matrix of deities.
This disturbed division of the deity Rog leads to many psychological problems to the occupants. Due to disturbed fire zone due to extension and force ; adds the violent tendencies to this psychological disorder. This being in the northwest and southeast zone ; this problem gets reflected in the young children more.
Whenever east is polluted then this polluted prana creates all bad habits in males and specially in young sons . Due to disturbance in the southeast zone ; this negative energy strokes on the east matrix of deities. So toilets and this stroke jointly create the panic situation to the young growing children of the house.

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