96. This is a complex case for vaastu analysis. As north is open and pours ample of organic streams in the house ; these streams can digest severe Vaastu faults .Toilets are in right zone and since in the south ; major southern streams are blocked . Since north is streaming and the south is blocked ; the organic axis is quite powerful in this house .
In flats toilets to north-northeast-east and southeast leads to the severe fault . In this case as regards the toilets ; they are in correct zone .
If toilet is to the north then it leads to polluted organic streams; which may effect allergies and several health problems in ladies. If toilets are to thd northeast then it leads to polluted water element as well it polluted the most divine zone of the Vaastu. This subtracts the sacred blessings that leads to incompleteness in every act and unsatisfied feeling through out the life. If toilets are to the east then it pollutes the pranik chakra of the house . It leads to polluted flame of fire element; that may lead to obstruction in education-bad habits etc. If toilets are to the southeast it leads to polluted fire element that may lead to breaks in the cycles of the hormones in males.
Bedroom is a place where everybody sleeps and surrenders to the natural forces as intellectual and physical faculties are not functioning in the full strength. So eight hours of sleep in the perfect sequence of the element-deity-planet is necessary otherwise these negative currents will make harm on the faculties of the consciousness .
That's why there lies prime importance to the position of the head . Head to the east or to south is considered as the right alignment. But if head is to the east then there should be east stream available in that room. And if head is to the south then south should be blocked-heavy and confined .
In this case there lies lot of light from south in the bedroom and there lies extension to the southeast and southwest due to the terraces . This form reduces the importance of the flow of the organic streams . So elements are disturbed in this flat.

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