Delhi Vaastu Course 2/3/4/5 November 2017

💥Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi Delhi💥
First Time-On Demand of Delhi People 🌺SahasraMahavaastu 🌺announces the Remedial Vaastu Visharad Course in New Delhi on 2/3/4/5 November 2017.
First day
1.)Philosophy of Vaastushastra
2.)Ten commandments of Vaastu
3) Theory of Counts
4) Axis Theory
5) Case-Studies
Second Day
1) 21 Mahadosha of Vaastu
2) Faults and Effects
3) Five Great Elements
4) Four Pillars of consciousness
5) Case Studies
Third Day
1) 12 Parameters of Vaastu Rectifications
2) Traditional Sutras
3) Grah-Tatva-Devta-Disha-Urja
4) Case Studies
Forth Day
1) Vaastu Purusha Mandala
2) Eight Entrances
3) Toilets and remedies
4) Traditional Sutras
5) Case Studies
Each day One hour reserved for Questions and Answers .
Dr Dixit +91 95593 21191
Dr NHS 9822011050
Chirayu 9762401234
Prashant 98221 71739
After This Course Participants Can Start A Full Scale Practice From Next Day ,Without Anybody's Support .That s our experience of PAST 30 Years.Taught More Than 5000 Students .Taken 7 prestigious courses of 10 days each in Art Of Living Bangalore Ashram with each course with 75 participants.All over the globe the courses are happening all over the year.

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