Vaastu Vibrations

15/10/17, 3:16:46 PM: Narendra Sahasrabuddhe: 🌺:SahasraMahavaastu:🌺
🌸Vaastu-Vibrations 🌸
When any source direction is silent means closed-confined-loaded then vibrations of its contents are absent.In such Case if chidvasstu of that connected element and planet is organised in a mural form ,then the conversation with connected source deity showers the bliss and grace to satisfy the aspiration and desire of the occupant.As shown in the picture such convex -circular discs or bulging -spherical balls of copper metal are strong and powerful to creat the vibrations of the divine fire element to the east zone.As the traditional Shastra says that east vibrations creat the sequence of money-prosperity-abundance,such murals to east zone gives experience of this sequence in the life .
Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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