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Basically this structure is erected in the memory of great mother ,so the form of lotus and circular are in concurrence to the nature and divinity associated with it.Lotus acts as the aurang of the
As a matter of Tantrashastra this structure simulates to the Shodash Dal Vishnu Yantra ,which acts as the shield that protects the three energies associated with any form viz Mahakali-Mahalaxmi-Mahasarasvati which forms the Matru-Sangam ,hence the word Vishaal is attached with it.
Such sacred form automatically contains the complete matrix of deities of Vaastu Purusha Mandala leading to the mandalacar form of energy that create the ascending helical aura in the surrounding.The love-affection-and ascension are the main virtues associated with the temple architecture.In addition as per the form of the deity as male or female ,the use of gross or subtle waveforms is selected.
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