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The word Eishvarya contains the word Isha ie God .So attributes of all qualities of god means Eishvarya Laxmi and not just money matters.Since east is connected to the divine fire element ie Jyoti-Flame ,which diminishes the darkness and shadows of all types it's reference is to the Isha .As the deity Isha Of Northeast is related to east in a clockwise -Pradakshinamarge-Poorn Bahu way ,the grace and bliss of god Of Northeast emerges in the East ;as the positive energy streams only in a forward clockwise way.
The matrix of deities of east zone contains Indra-Which represents the success and sensuous pleasures along with the hierarchy in gods;Ravi-which represents the emergence of light and removal of darkness along with the continuity in the family ;Satya-which represents the true understanding of the self and the surrounding;Aryama is connected to the rashi Mesh (Aries)And to the Nakshatra Of Ravi-Krithika And is the Ang Devta Of East Zone In Vaastushastra.So positive vibrations and emergence of these deities lead to the Eishvarya Laxmi which is sequenced to the east Zone .
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> Prosperity:
> It has eight fold dimensions so in the ancient scriptures the reference of "Asht-Laxmi " is given.In the Vaastushastra this reference is related to the reinforcing of the eight directions and specific deity of each direction.When energy streams in the helical ascending And mandalacar way ,the eight directions get Prana and blessings of these specific deities creat the period of abundance.The concept of Aay-Vyay in the Ayadi -Vaastu is related to this abundance and prosperity in the different way .
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