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Dhanya-Laxmi :
This form of Laxmi is assigned to the southeast zone .The food which contains the highest potential of Prana means" grains-dhanya " Hence the dhanyalaxmi is categorised to the southeast Zone .This zone has deities named as "Savita and Savitr "in the core of the southeast zone which is connected to the Brahmsthanam.For germination of the grains Water and sun are the most important factors which are available in this zone .The Sun before sunrise is called "Savitr",Hence it has divine influence and vivifying power of the Sun.The seeds of the Prana before Prana gets expressed in its gross form are absorbed in the grains in this zone ,so this zone is assigned to the Dhanya-Laxmi.Savitr deity is assigned for the duty as to creat-produce and protect .Hence any fault in the southeast zone reduces the possibility of reproduction .Severe faults of this zone removes the cosmic protection leading to beginnings of violence .As it is the zone where the travel of Sun in the sky begins (ie before sunrise ); the deity of this zone is Nanda-Prathameshtika .The first auspicious act in the construction is started from Southeast zone and continues in a clockwise direction.
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