Samkhya Mat And vaastu

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
5:🌈🌈Sankya-Mat And Vaastushastra:
In all vaastu Treatments a great importance is given to the muhurtha-chanting of mantras to invite the deities-pious hands to perform the rituals-presence of ChidVastus in ritual .
So that permutation and combination of Satvik Gunnar form a sacred geometry of the divine sankalpa and energies in the space.
People with distorted vibrations of Rahu-Saturn-Mars and their inter-combination contain the negative cosmic Vikalpa in their constitution ,unknowingly .
So if such people take a part in such divine vaastu ritual then they happen to be like a salt in a milk ,and can disturb the cosmic sacred geometry of the deities -angels and energies.
With this comprehensive thought ,even to collect the Puja -ritual herbs some Tantriks observe the muhurtha and only on specific Nakshatra they collect that herb .
As for any ritual connected to the fire ,it is first confirmed in Panchang that the space-ether contains the Agni in the cosmos .
Samkhya Philosophy operates like a mathematical and arithmetic formula and gives importance to the gross and subtle entities in every way .
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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