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6 🌈🌈Sankya-Mat And Vaastushastra:
Satvika-Divine is accumulated in the northeast zone.Rajas-Royal is classified with the east-southeast-northwest-north ;where as Tamasik can be classified to south-southwest-west zones.As such if northeast is polluted then northeast too gets equated to the Tamasik-evil zone.In general the above classification based on pattern of elements and virtues of planets .
So sequence and connectivity of Gunn in the natural format is needed to attain the tranquility .This sequence is the purpose to creat the rhythm that synchronise the different elements to enhance the concert of life .
There are different opinions of the word Samkhya and accordingly every body puts a label on the Samkhya philosophy.Sam means a quiet way and Khya means "a search towards that "or a movement to "make known".Though it is considered as the mathematical counting of elements but its purpose as derived is for the quiet and silent travel of the life .As said in the Bhagavat Geeta for the exponent of this philosophy namely for Kapil-Muni ,one has to accept the meaning as said above as the "path that takes us to equality-silence-quietude ".In Geeta it is said as "Siddhanam Kapilo Munih"means amongst all masters Lord Krishna says that I am Kapil-Muni.
The theory and practice exploded by Siddhas namely here Kapil-Muni tales search of 25 elements-tatvas and unite them together to synchronise the life -self and nature.The master calls it as the triad ,which is the most popular language to describe any thing .As in vaastu shastra we mention "Ghat-Ghatana-Ghatakash " as Trisutri-Triad of Vaastu Shastra.Creating rhythm to synchronise the life in the natural frequency is the principle of Samkhya and as well of Vaastu Shastra too.
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