3)Water to the east :Since there is depression to the east ,so water gets collected there.It means it may creat one fault of northeast high and east low ,leading to arid zone to the northeast water sections.This situation will reduce the strength of the northeast matrix of deities .Such house may be devoid of the blessings of the Lord Shiva -Isha.So the religion -values-goodness-fearlessness-truth -peace May vanish from the house .That is how we see that how all directions have independent virtues but there virtues depend on their relative positioning and internal connectivity.

4)Water to east :Means east vibrations will contain mixed effects of water and fire element,and they will get transmitted in a clockwise path from east to southeast .As southeast is the zone of the fire element,this mixed vibrations of water and fire element from east ,do not provide the sufficient energy to this zone ,in turn the flowering of the southeast matrix of deities is not possible,leading to the weak southeast ie weak fire element.During the passage of the time ,this zone gets affected leading to more faults due to the surroundings and due to the activities happening in the adjoining outer field.
This is called as the dynamics of the Vaastu Shastra,which predicts the events on the basis of the travel of the energy and its effects on the health of the Vaastu.

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