Esoteric Vaastu

27/08/17, 8:32:11 AM: Narendra Sahasrabuddhe: SahasraMahavaastu:
Esoteric Vaastu:Form to future and future to fortune is the travel of Vaastushastra.Reading the form and predicting the future is the art and science of esoteric Vaastushastra.Form is connected to the planets if it contains colours.Form is connected to the elements as it's the geometric formation.Form contains the bliss of the divine deity if it has sacred geometry and erratic form shows connectivity to the negative spirits.If form has sacred symmetrical geometry then it emanate the positive energy.If form has pointers -angles-orientation then it shows its relationship to the direction.For alert studious mind whole world is full of information that can be transformed in to knowledge;which is the principle of esoteric Vaastushastra.Creation of a form that creates the auspicious sequence of Planets-Elements-Deities-Directions-Energy is the purpose of esoteric Vaastushastra.
Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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