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07/08/17, 9:32:38 AM: Narendra Sahasrabuddhe: Vaastu-Involution :
The immortality is the purpose of all spiritual stuff.Since Vaastushastra contains the ALL-Time ;it contains the a passive path that takes oneself to the liberation by flying beyond the cliff of Time and Sun.The ascending helical path of energy removes all the earthly bondages attached to the self and takes the consciousness to the higher levels of eternal abode.Since it's the scientific path carved by the ancient 18 sages ;its base is quantum mechanics where like a rocket it takes the flight of ether-sky-energy by transforming the earth in to energy and ether.The central Brahman acts as the launching pad for Atman .Shading away desires ,removing the thoughts and transforming the self in to energy-light-speed ie Bhavani and that to this happening in an effortless-unknowingly is an divine art and science of the Vaastushastra derived by ancient 18 saves.The journey of self to soul happens through the travel of blessings of all deities of all levels like Pitru Loka,Mitra Loka,Vishnuloka etc...presided by deities like Aaditya-Vivasvan-Varun-Som-Isha.So as said by Great Yogi Aurobindo,it is not the evolution but involution;as its surpassing the speed of time.
07/08/17, 10:09:42 AM: Narendra Sahasrabuddhe: Vaastu Notes:
Brahman exists everywhere with it's virtues of ever expanding energy waves and the primordial sound-Pranava emanating from it's Nabhi-Zone.But specifically it's expression as the deity with it's bliss and aura happens when it expresses in the right form .This right form gives rise to the 45 deities of Vaastu Purusha Mandala and five great elements;from it's womb which lies in the Naabhi Zone.Right form enables the confluence of two streams of energy leading to variety of primordial sounds in the different zones .These Hum-Summ-Shum-Shhum mantra beejas in the four corners connect the house to the aura and light of deities.That is how the transformation and ascension happens of four pillars of consciousness in to related deities and virtues.So creation of the correct form is the base of creation of all deities in the Vaastu Purusha Mandala.

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