🎄SAHASRA-MAHAVAASTU 🎄 🌺January 2018 Schedule 🌺DONOTMISS Dr.N.H.Sahasrabuddhe (M.E. IIsc , FIV, Ph.D ) Vaastu VidyaVachaspati Declares the 🌺Astro Vaastu Course 🌺in January 2018 👍 *Astro-Vaastu-Course👍* 🌸First Day 1) Relation of elements-planets-directions. 2)Correlation of Astro and Vaastu through concept of Dikkal 3) Four important parameters:Vibrations-Waves-Sound-Light. 4) Is there anything like destiny or one can reorient the self by using above four parameters. 5) Cycles of Harmone-Orbits of planets-Power of elements-Aura of deities. 6)Understanding the elements as the bridge that connects the Astro and Vaastu. 7)Case-Studies. 🌸Second Day 1) Rules of Vaastu 2) Correlation of rules to the actual plans of homes-offices-factory. 3) Application of rules. 4) Judgmental application of rules in practice. 5) Case Studies 🌸Third and fourth Day 1)Rules of Astro-Vaastu with practical execution through horoscope. 2)Case studies. 3) Rituals. Contact *Dr. Sahasrabuddhe sir* 09822011050 🌸Chirayuji 9762401234 🌸Prashantji 9822171739 🌺Booking Begins🌺 DONOTMISS ---------------------------

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