🌺SahasraMahavaastu 🌺 🌸Vedik Geopathic Yantras🌸1)Vedik Geopathic Rod 1 (VGR1): These rods are arranged in The ascending or triangular geometry to regulate the fire energy in a sacred geometry form .These rods are made of copper to transform the earth energy in to divine fire mode of energy .These rods if filled with silver granules then they give the effect of moon-mars conjunction,which leads to the prosperity as the rule of Astro-Knowledge.These rods if filled with the turmeric powder ,it creates the expansion of the positive triangular waves of fire element.If these rods are filled by red coral dust ,then it creates the powerful waves of the divine fire element,which can eradicate the any type of negativity of the east Zone .So according to the need of excitation of the vibrations,in concurrence to the fault of that part of the east zone ,one can organise a special tool of copper pipes to absorb the negativity and to produce the divine waves of fire element or to redistribute the the waves in the expanding form.The pipes have immense importance in the fengshui ,as it simulates to the wood element,of which the nature is to grow and expand;along with to hold the soil in a firm way by creating the roots in the womb of the earth .The pipes have divine reference in the Indian mythology as the flute in the hands of lord Krishna ,which creates the harmony in the surrounding,which connects the self to the Naad-Brahma .Hence as a matter of form ,the pipes with divine ash of yagnyas-Red coral powder-turmeric-silver grains-and sacred geometry is in concurrence to the traditional theory of Vaastu -Tantra-Form-Astro-Mythology And Fengshui too.So these rods with sacred geometry is a good tool for the east zone . Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe Vaastu Vidya Vachaspati 9822011050

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