Vedik Geopathy

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4) Vedik Geopathy
In the classical Vaastushastra,the vibrations of directions are connected to the earth slopes called as Plava.The root meaning of the word Plava is multifold -one direct meaning is Slopes-Gradients-Depression where as the virtuous meaning is Vibrations-Energy-Rhythm.The second meaning is more comprehensive and applicable for the mystique mode of ancient science.As earth is the only powerful element that can absorb all types of energies ;rather where there is earth-gravitation-loads ,there hardly lies any effect of energy-Ether-light.So to nullify the effect of the surrounding slopes ,the ritual of Up-Peeth-Rachana is performed by using Stones-Pebbles-Metals-Herbs-Gems along-with the refilling of the underlying soil up to 6'6" depth,so that it gives a proper dense-powerful-uniform earth media for the simulation of the forces and energies.If followed as said then one need not fear for underlying any stream And discontinuity at all.If Traditional systems are followed then the western concept of geopathic stresses does not carry any importance and becomes null and void ,that's the greatness of the traditional Vaastushastra founded by 18 Ancient Sages .
Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
Vaastu Vidya Vachaspati

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