Weird husbands

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
Many times if situation in the house happens as follows then such males are weak in attitude -physical performance.This situation leads to disturbed married life.Such people engage themselves in some religious or charity or social organisations,and try to remain away from house.
If in the house east contains water body ,east is closed,southeast has balcony and hyper streaming of the north zone lies in the house then such situation may happen that disturb the personal life of the gruhsvami.In such cases this weakness in males happens due to irregular cycles of the hormones.This irregularity creat mood swings that leads to irritation in actions.
Such people have flickering mind and are victimised due to fear syndrome in life.There behaviour is like a debilitated and Saturn-Rahu aspected moon people.Confusion-carelessness-contradiction is very common in their behaviour.
Such people have two faces ,one obedient service oriented face lies in the house with wife.Outside their behaviour becomes quite eccentric.
Where there lies hyper streaming of the water element , their automatically the strength of the fire becomes low ;leading to losses of divine qualities in the males.Dhi-Dhruti-Smruti ie intellect-courage-self understanding are divine qualities,which get weakened in such cases.
When north stream is hyper then in such case it totally disturb the Male qualities in such house .In such house ,there lies intervention of the third Male person in the house due to weakness of this occupant.Such events in life creat negativity in the relations that stamps the husband as the Weird person.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
If axis are cross ie the house is Vidisha then the elements in the house get imbalanced ,and such situation disturb the four pillars of consciousness.If in such house northwest and southeast directions are longer than the northeast and southwest directions ;then it forms the torque of the fire and wind on the house.It is very difficult to stay in such houses as the fire is most sensitive and ascending element and the wind is the most powerful and exists everywhere.
In such houses the content of the water element is less that reduces the tranquility and the opportunities of the house.The general cooling and feel good effect in the house is due to the streaming of the north and its sister directions as the supporting mediums.Irritation-pain-torture are the outcomes in such house ,when water element is less in the house.
If abundance is missing in each dimension of the life then the thirst and hunger of each organ grows and becomes intense in the house .This fire of desire disturb the psyche mainly of the men in the house and they get stamped as the Weird husbands.
Due Hyper wind the intellect remains alert in all worldly matters ,where as hyper fire element gives lot of exertion in the path of any physical sensuous attainment.This extra alert mind and exertion are the main reason of the weirdness in the person.Along with this as the showers of blessings of the northeast zone are weak then such condition may lead to criminal behaviour in males and even in females too.But mainly it happens in males as they represent the fire element in the natural selection.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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