Ling Bhairavi

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Ishanya Ling Bhairavi :
Here the lingam is formed by the deity Shikhi ,so it should be pink in colour .As it is the deity of the northeast represents Ishvar Shiva as the Jyoti to form the lingam,so jyotirlingam.Where as the base as yoni can be in silver metal with lunar shaped helix as the element of the northeast is water element.The central beej on which the pink lingam stands could be Humm.So the vibrations of this Humm beej ascends through the pink lingam .The Up Peeth can be formed by a white marble lotus of eight petals with relevant eight Mantra beejas.The base plateform named as the mool peeth could be in yellow onyx stone with square shape and relevant Mantra beejas in the four corner.The central Lingam can be formed of silver metal with a dot of gold on top as the crown.Up peeth can be little concave to contain the water as the Ganga representing Aap-AapVatsa deities.
Such assembly can be the a powerful remedy on all faults of the northeast zone ,as the assemblage contains the confluence of element-deities-mantra-Lingam-direction to form the Shiv-Shakti-Samaveshan ,which is the purpose of the Vaastushastra as said in the Great book Kamika Aagam as
वास्तुतंत्रे महातंत्रे शिवशक्तिसमोदये
Peeth-Up peeth-yoni forms the three dimensions and the lingam forms the forth dimension .Hence this yantra can creat the ascending helical form of the energy which reaches the subtle fifth and sixth dimensions.So the form termed as Ling Bhairavi can change the eventology connected to that space.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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