In tantra vaastu ,
1. If three betelnuts are buried to east ,one with turmeric colour,one with cow ghee on top and one with Sindur on top with relevant mantras then will give vibrations of the lords of 1-5-9 signs ie mars-sun-Jupiter.Amongst three betelnuts ,one can use the vibrations of the mantras of mars-sun-jupiter according to missing power of the planet in the birth chart .
According to the planet ,it is advised to use coin of the relevant metal below the betel nut .
Or all the three betelnuts can be established with chants related to Aryama by Sour-Sukta.
To establish the deity Indra use silver coin as the base ,for Surya division use gold coin ,for Satya division use copper coin .Instead of coins ,one can use Lingams of relevant metals.
2.If seven betel nuts are buried to west then will act as Sapt-Matrukas to protect the house.Yogeshvari controls the desire .Maheshvari controls the anger.Vashnavi controls the lust.Brahmani controls the over pride.Koumari removes the illusion.Indrani controls greed.Chamunda controls breath.Varahi controls envy .So When they established in the west zone then west does not play disagreement in life.
Isanasivahurudev paddhati says that these matrukas were created to support shiva in his fight with the Andhakasur.
In the great book Suprabhedagam ,these matrukas are created by the Lord Brahma to kill the Nirriti .So there placement in the west forces their fierce attack on southwest in a counterclockwise path.
3.Bury and establish nine circular river pebbles with yellow and saffron colour to the south zone as the Nav Durga .Make the mandalas of yellow and red coloured rice grains in the pit .Before that burn camphor and magic mixture in each pit to cleanse it.Then Sprinkle the divine ganga waters in that pit .Make the bed comprised of nine grains-five types of flowers-seven types of leaves-five types of fruits -Sandalwood powder -camphor-nine rudraksha -hard almond-lotus seeds-hard turmeric-betel nuts .
Then place nine river bed pebbles in nine pits of the south zone.Place panchamrut on these stones by chanting the Navarnav Mantra.Do offerings of all good things to these pebbles .Fill sands of five divine rivers on these stones .Then keep simple pebbles in a chakrakar geometry around these nine pebbles and completely fill the pits .Instead of these nine pebbles one can use nine lingams of red or yellow stones .Lingams have defined shape and a perfect sacred geometry where as the pebbles are natural in their form .Both have its own speciality and grace.

4.Bury and establish one white lingam of rose quartz in the north zone .Pit cleansing process will be same as mentioned above .Place a bed of rice grains-sandalwood powder-camphor-aromatic white flowers-one hard turmeric-one betel nut along with 500 gm pearls and some moon stones.Place the Lingam with silver lotus at the base on this bed of all these Chid Vastus.Do the abhisheka of panchamrut-milk-cow ghee-ganga water by chanting of Pavaman Sukta.Surround the Lingam by white silvery silk cloth.Fill the pit by white sand and regulate it from top .Pearls will enrich the deity Soma which is the brother of Ma Laxmi.Rose quartz lingam represents the deity Bhudhar .Since it is charged by all the chid vastus and chants ,it has divine properties to fetch the Laxmi and the opportunities.Rice grains and pearls enhance the vibrations of the organic streams and water element too.As the Jupiter vibrations are exhalted in the north zone ,which is represented by the hard turmeric .Hard turmeric lingam can be used instead of just a piece of the turmeric.A betel nut placed there ,completes the panchayatan of the north zone.

5.Use of Chinese Lo Shu table to decide the power and the strength of the directions by specific numbers gives a wonderful remedy to create the mandalacar streaming and as well to improve the virtues of the earth -Bhumi-Nikash.As per the Lo-Shu -Table one can use 1 no to north,9 to south,3 to east and 7 to west.Then for sub directions 4 to southeast,6 to northwest ,8 to northeast and two to the southwest zone.In main directions ,these numbers are indicative of content of the earth element to make the balancing ,where as in sub directions these numbers are indicative of the the energy .So the northeast has highest cosmic energy represented by number eight and then the sequence is northwest-southeast-southwest .With least content to the southwest as shown by number 2.Where as the south zone should have nine times more earth load as compared to the north and east should have three times and the west should have seven times Earth element in comparison to the north direction.In a way this Lo -Shu Table signifies the energy matter equation of the directions.
So in this proportion if rudraksha-betel nuts-lotus seeds-hard turmeric-hard almonds -lingams-pebbles -helix-auspicious stones-sub stones are placed in the zones with proper chants and types then it becomes a wonderful way that enhances the divinity of the Vaastu-Kshetra.A proper muhurtha-chants-chid vastus used gives the divine grace to the cosmic power and to the ritual too.

6.If east is closed means in that house prana is less ,so it leads to multiple voids in the house and the planet Rahu rules the house .If east vibrations are absent then the Ma Laxmi goes away from the house leading to poverty-stress-pain.
If possible make one big window to east zone .If not then provide a cosmic window on this wall by using devdar wood-copper-silver-red coral-crystals-mirrors .Bury five triangular copper helix in the east zone .Provide white marble in the east zone .

7.If east contains toilet then it is narrated as the weak polluted prana .In such cases males in the house should do a regular yoga of kapalbhati-bhasrika-pranava.Males should take gold soup regularly .Males should take herbs like ashvagandha-counchbeej .This polluted prana disturb the health of the males in the house .Males should drink copper water only .Bury triangular copper helix along with red coral on top on the boundary of this toilet to compensate the vibrations of the fire element.

8.If southeast contains toilet then it disturb the Savita and Savitru deities .So the males in the house are devoid of the strength-health-knowledge.They are under some unknown fear that does not allow them to take fast and accurate decisions in the business and the life.Male hormones are weak .Secretion of testosterone is irregular ,may lead to no child conditions.Fire element is polluted in such house which leads to multiple problems like thirst-hunger-torture-irritation at all levels.Remedies could be same as above as for east toilet.
Chanting of Rhimm beej Mantra along with kapalbhati-bhasrika should be done by men of the house.

9.If southeast is cut or extended or has a terrace or bigger site margins than northwest,then it reduces the strength of the fire element.As southeast Means Prathameshtika ie first auspicious act in the house-life-every act ,this missing zone do not give completion to any decision in the life.Many times this leads to accidental situations to Male children in the house.In such case tie one asht mukh rudraksha to sons, do pradosh fast regularly along with chanting of Shiv,food to cow-crow-dog on that day.
Bury 7 triangular copper helix in that zone.Keep or bury Agney Ling Bhairavi in the available southeast zone.Provide pyramidal roof in this zone with golden yellow colour.Keep tulasi Vrindavan in yellow stone to this zone.

10. Water to east or southeast kills the fire element ,that is dangerous to the son's in the house .Shastra says it's effect as the loss of son ,so one should immediately observe the birth charts of the sons and check for dasha-period ;accordingly should give the remedy to the house and the son.Many times son in such house becomes a dress designer or a dancer and behaves like females in his life.If such sons stay for a many years in such house then no remedy works to revert back these sons to their real physicality.Ones the milk becomes curds ,it can not go back to become milk ;is the rule of time and eventology.

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