Weird husbands

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Men with Uranus in first house of the birth chart are possibly weird husbands but their weirdness is not that bad as it would be because of the Rahu in the mars sign.Uranus in first house indicates a fault in the southeast zone ,like say southeast entry or depression in the southeast .Where as the Rahu is significator of the force and violence ,so it reflects the southeast vithishula in the vaastu .
Uranus is natural eccentric but Rahu stands as eccentric with a perfect plan .So When aspiration of the east is weak then it is the play of the Uranus .And when there lies forceful intense situations then it is the plan of Rahu .
The forceful pattern of energy can break the central zone means ultimately it leads to a type of self destruction by a wrong behaviour with the people and the surroundings.
Uranus affected husbands do not follow the solar discipline in their daily routine.This disorder becomes problem in the family life leading to the friction with wife.
There is remarkable difference in the polluted attitude and the eccentric attitude.Polluted attitude is the outcome of polluted prana ie Toilets in the east zone ie Rahu in the first house of the birthchart.Eccentric attitude is reflected by the weak prana ie east closed situation ie Uranus in the first house .
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🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
Weirdness is related to unfulfilled or overfilled ego in the life.When it is out of unfulfilled conditions then it is the play of the desire.
Unfulfilment of desire indicates the fault in the north direction where as distort in the ego is connected to the east-southeast zone.So If north has toilet Means house contains polluted water element that leads to unfulfilment of the desires.And If east is closed with southeast as the entry then it shows conjunction of Saturn and sun in the chart ,which is said as the pitru dosha,that disturbs the ego in the men.Any house which has such situation indicates the loss of health in ladies ,leading to dissatisfied husbands.This distorted desire may disturb the Male psyche leading to the weird husbands.
North closed leads to reduced opportunities and possibilities in the life ,which gives failures in the career ,that can creat the fear of the existence in males ;leading to distorted ego.This situation indicates the weird husbands.
In the present world of dirty competition,such disturbed surrounding in the house reduces the focus on career in men , leading to eccentric behaviour,that marks them as weird husbands.Any disturbance in the north zone ,disturb the aura of the Bhudhar division ,which is the division of the lord Vishnu .So person who represents Vishnupad in the house ,faces problems in the life and gets stamped as the Weird husbands.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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