2.Sandalwood :It stands for exception to it's class as the wood .As wood promotes fire but applications of the sandalwood promote cooling effect in fevers .Its smell has given a divinity and hence it is used in all rituals .This wood is slow growing ,heavy, yellow, and fine-grained, and, unlike many other aromatic woods, they retain their fragrance for decades.Due to its long standing aromatic virtue it is applied to the bodies of the saints before Samadhi.
It is said that Goddess Laxmi stays in the sandalwood tree.
In Buddhist traditions; Sandalwood scent is believed to transform the desires and maintain the alertness in meditation.
In jain traditions,saints bless the devotees by putting the sandalwood powder on their heads ,as the carrier of the divine message ,named as the vascape.
Astrologically sandalwood is connected to the moon .So when mixed with the turmeric powder and saffron it gives effect like the Gajkesari yoga .So everyday who puts this mixed paste on the forehead at the place of the Aadnya chakra it is said that it gives a divine support to all actions.

1.Camphor: It is normally white in colour ,so it represents water element.Many times in its purest form it is transparent so it is light promotive and has virtues of sky element.If it is kept open in the air ,it gets sublimated ,means unifies with the wind and the ether.So it contains divine qualities.Normally anything gets liquified before sublimation ,so it is a special virtue of it's connectivity to the ether.It is the product from trees ,so it is organic .It cleanses the environment by attack on virus and bacteria.It has a nice smell.It is used in aayurvedik medicines as the cooling agent .It has fast relation to the fire element though it has cooling properties .Such multifold exceptional properties have given a unique place to the camphor in rituals and medicines.Camphor is waxy-flammable-transparent solid with strong aroma.It's fragrant and penetrating Odor has given medicinal properties to it .Camphor is also used as an antimicrobial substance so for purification it has great importance in religious field.In embalming, camphor oil was one of the ingredients used by ancient Egyptians for mummification.

3.Red Sandalwood:It is a endangered plant species.It is useful as the organic colour agent ,so in all rituals to mark the divine symbols it is used.As a matter of colour it represents the fire element so while chanting of Sour Sukta ,it is marked on the forehead .Even for yadnya-yagas ,mixed with camphor it is applied on the forehead .It is known for its medical properties as reduces the irritation and etching.It is used externally on all types of eczema.
Being basically wood it has connectivity to the east zone.Being fire by its colour ,again it is used for east zone.Due to its ascending growth ,it contains ample of organic prana ,so in weak prana in the house ,it can be used in the east zone.Its small piece is tied in arm to achieve the cosmic protection from evil eye.

4.Silver Metal:It is exception to its own class as the metal .Silver is qualified as the water element but all metals have enmity with the water ,as water rusts.So the silver metal is exception to its class as the metal .Due to the streaming quality of the water in this metal ,it is used in all rituals as the divine medium.
Astrologically silver is connected to the moon and the Venus ,both benefic planets .Both planets are connected to the Ma Laxmi and silver is used in the north-east and northeast zone .
For all psychological problems ,it is suggested to drink the silver water.
Silver is a soft,white,lustrous transition metal .It has highest electrical conductivity-thermal conductivity and reflectivity too ,which marks the silver as the divine metal.
It is the metal of antiquity hence it is used in most of the cultural and religious practices .
In western mythology a bullet cast in silver is considered to have divine protective virtues .Where as the lingam cast in silver can be used to enhance the virtues of the north-northeast and east zone.Silver panelling to doors of north-northeast-east zone enhances the moon streams which bring the good news.

5.Copper : It is a soft, malleable, and ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. A freshly exposed surface of pure copper has a pinkish-orange color.
Astrologically Copper is connected to the planet Mars ,so it represents the fire element too.
Its crystal structure being cubic ,it has immense importance in the Vaastu Shastra,as cubit is the basic module used in vaastu Shastra.
In human body this copper is mainly found in liver ,so it signifies the purifying qualities ,in muscles so it signifies strength,in bones so it has a support virtue.
In a similar way copper is used in east-southeast-south and southwest zones.It gives purification to prana when used in east.It absorbs eddy currents when used in the sink directions.It gives strength to the deity Vivasvan when used in the Bhoum yantra to south zone.
MantraBeej shanku made in copper,stabilise the vibrations of the elements leading to defining the position of the deity in the zone.If energy is stagnant in some zone then use of copper can improve the networks of the deities by effecting streaming .
As Such metal and the fire are enemy but here copper metal represents the fire element,so it is the exception to its class ,hence has divine classification.Cosmic Correction If fire element can be done by drinking the water in copper vessels .

6.Gold :Gold is termed as yellow metal ,being yellow it is connected to Jupiter .Astrologically gold is connected Sun.Being connected to the Sun ,gold represents fire element and being connected to the Jupiter it is termed as the divine fire element.
Being connected to the Sun ,in Up Peeth Rachana it is placed in the Brahmsthan along with ruby.. In its purest form, it is a bright, slightly reddish yellow, dense, soft, malleable, and ductile metal.
It is the least reactive chemical element and maintains its purity firmly.
Golden age-golden ratio-golden day-golden age are some terms used due to the importance of the gold as the divine material.
Gold helps to souls to go to paradise is the concept in the ancient western religions.It's quality as the long lasting and unaffected by the passage of the time ,has given divinity status to the gold.
Gold is considered to be a metal of spiritual energy which brings positivity into the life who wears it .It can reduces the emotion of anger-frustration -depression and make you quiet as it is connected to the planet Jupiter. Gold induces positive thinking and creates warm atmosphere due to its connectivity to the Sun.Due to the combined vibrations of the sun and the Jupiter it helps to attain the higher and subtle levels of the consciousness.
If established in the womb of Mother Earth at the Brahmsthan then it creates the mandalas of the deities and orbits of the cosmic energy .

7.Supari-betel nut :
It is a unique material used in all rituals for representation of the deities and planets .It has two types ,One is reddish brown with disc shape and the other brownish white with apex point at the centre with circular base .
It is basically a wood product rather a fruit and has hardness like a soft rock .It has brown colour so it can be simulated to the earth element.So a supari -betel nut due to its colour -shape-earth qualities can be substituted as the earthly form of any deity -(Sagun-Shareer).
It has a form like a Lingam so it can be said as natural organic form of the lingam .Lingam is considered to retain the best qualities of the form and formless so this organic natural fruit from carries a great meaning in all the rituals .So form has immense meaning in all facets of the life.
Due its earthness it absorbs the waves of mantras ,due to its circular form it gives the ascending form to the absorbed vibrations. Due to a form of the wind element,it has natural quality to get spread evenly in the ether to the absorbed vibrations and create a sacred geometry.Due to a point on a top it has the axial reality.So in such a form there lies possibility of the aura of the deity to get exhibited.
Mandala made of the rice grains around the betel nut is one more connectivity to the auspicious moon Mandala ,from where the Sankalp stands vertical.

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
8.Five metal bell :Bells are used in most of the religion in different forms.Due to its peculiar form it creat the sound waves with sacred symmetric and ever expanding form ,so that the cosmic cleansing of the space happens automatically.Rather when sound energy holds the void then voids get transformed in to spaces; which is the purpose of the divine vaastu tantra.Being of five metals again it is connected to the five different planets and elements too.In Borobudur ,there are 72 Buddha-Murtis placed in the stone bell form ,suggesting the importance of the bell and the form too.It creates the Nada-Rhythm which is the confluence of the Shiva and the Shakti ;as explained elsewhere in this book.When the waves of symmetry and sacred geometry are expanding in the surroundings,it automatically welcomes the deities and removes the vibrations of the Vikshep devta.
Cleansing of the space after each eight days can be done with start of the ringing of the bells in a clockwise path;which is a ritual in some Buddhist sects too.
In Christianity -Sufism the divine message is whirled in the surroundings by use of huge bells .In Nasik we find a huge bell named by Naro-Shankar-Ghanta.
Alternate contracting and expanding nature of these three dimensional sound waves acts as a powerful media to eradicate the negativity.
It's rhythm makes automatic inward turning of the mind and connects to the subtle media like sound-wind-ether ;with breaking the cage of the lower earthly connections of the sensuous pleasures.Mind gains the orbit of the forth and fifth dimension.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

9.Conch-Shankh :In all rituals this acts as the representative of Ma Laxmi as both are from sea.To begin any thing right from war to worship its sounding is considered as the auspicious and leads to oneness of the body-mind-intellect.One who sounds this conch everyday does not need to do any other pranayama as this act is one step ahead of it.As it involves the unification of the breath and the sound in a rhythm it transcends the self to higher orbits .
Its shape is peculiar which gives a great importance to it .It has helical three dimensional shape which creates the divine sound that travels for a long distance as well travels on the subtle planes of the existence.
In rituals the water from conch is used to sprinkle in the surroundings for cosmic cleansing.Even the abhisheka of deities begins with this water.This water has medicinal value due to the content of the conch .Its tail is also termed as the yoni ; yoni means the direction of the energy,so should point to the north or east .In rituals it's carrier -vahana is tortoise signifying it's divinity and superiority too.
In Buddhist tradition shankh is considered divine.In jain tradition there most popular tirthankar s name is Shankheshvar Parshwanath.
Standing in Brahmsthan,facing the north ; If everyday sounding the Shankha is done ; then it could be a good start for the day .

10.Rudraksha:Its literal meaning is eye of the Rudra .Rudra is a protective deity in the present times and is popular form of the Shiva.So Rudraksha is a protective medium that can create the shield around the person.According to its numbers of petals it is classified as mukhas; and its price varies on this basis .The eight petal Rudraksha is used when there lies fear of the premature death.
These seeds have multiple medicinal properties,so putting Rudraksha in the water for few hours and then drinking may give good effects .
Rudraksha seeds exhibit medicinal properties like anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative, antidepressant, anti-asthmatic, hypoglycemic, antihypertensive, smooth muscle relaxant, hydrocholeretic, antiulcerogenic, and anticonvulsant ;so many .That itself proves its divine status.
It has spherical form ,so it contains space ;which is Shiva's divine space.It has many petals like a lotus so it has connectivity to Ma Laxmi.It is circular so it represents the wind element.As a spherical form it can form the mandalas due to it's natural shape.It is brown -black in colour so it has qualities of the earth element,so its effect gives Sagun-Sakar experience of the divinity .
Rudra-Rudrajaya form the four divisions of the northwest zone in the vaastu purusha mandala.So one can use rudraksha in the northwest zone without any doubt.Placing different mukha Rudrakshas as per the Lo Shu table to different directions may form the protective shell around the house.One can use the commonly occurred five petal rudraksha for this ,by assigning numbers as per the Lo Shu Table to the different directions.

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