Weird husbands

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The colonel from pune killed his wife and the watchman ,around 7 years back.The case study is worth to note the Vaastu faults .Basically the flat has east west length with top floor .This disturb the relation with the Sun due to the projection of the entire roof to the scorching sun.This flat lies near the airport so noise pollution due to planes distort the sacred geometry of the energy in the surroundings.Scorching radiation of the Sun raise the intensity of the fire element,which possibly make the person violent and weird in action.When relationship with light and sound gets disturbed automatically that house becomes the battle field and not the home.
Explosive fire element in the house totally disturb the ego and self balance.It disturb the matrix of deities of the east and southeast zone leading to suspicious nature and eccentric behaviour like the effect of the Uranus .
The extended southwest due to terrace gives imbalance of the energy matter equation.When Aakash prakash urja enter the house from sink direction it accelerate the Surya-Pingala nadi streams ,which is the negative cosmic breath which is hard and cruel.Such a form of the house always leads to unnatural death clubbed with the defamation.Such houses are full of voids so activation of the Rahu vibrations creat such panic-shock-violence in the life.
Hyper activation of southeast-south-southwest means mixing of the vibrations of mars-rahu-saturn-uranus.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
Houses with northwest-north streams give strength to the ladies.Houses with east streaming and stable southeast zone gives strength to the men .
Northwest and southeast are complementary directions .The strength of these opposite elements is interdependent .Some fault in the southeast zone means fire is weak .And hyper streaming of the north zone means water element has more power .
Being interdependent elements this situation makes the fire more weak leading to disturbed consciousness in men.
Breath cycles define the bio rhythm .If breath cycles are uniform then it leads to the ordered biorhythm,which gives virtuous consciousness.Breath cycles depend on the energy in the surroundings.Surrounding is the outcome of the perfect vaastu.That is how one can understand the relationship of the gross and subtle entities.It is the combination of the planets in the birth chart and the energy in the surroundings,that decides the personal attainment of virtues or vices.Travel of the light ,relationship with the Sun,emergence of the five great elements and the environmental perspective define the state of the breath. The breath acts as the bridge between the physical and mental parameters.
Weird husbands is the terminology stamped on the most of the men who are victimised by the surroundings.In the present period hurry -worry-curry have spoilt the rhythm of each person .Vaastu Yoga Jyotish are the subtle means to rectify this situation.Just aligning with the forces can give a solace ,that is the real contribution of the ancient 18 sages .
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
Insomnia is quite common problem to the modern man .This disorder leads to low energy-irritation-depressed mood swings-daytime sleepiness.One faces problems in focusing and learning ,so it disturbs one's image in office -society.Even in family life this irritability becomes a problem in the relationship,which stamps oneself as the Weird husband.
As such the causes of insomnia are unknown and not common to all.These are some commonly quoted causes by the medical experts and psychiatrist "
psychological stress, chronic pain, heart failure, hyperthyroidism, heartburn, restless leg syndrome,etc."
Sleep hygiene and life style changes are on top priority on this disorder.Life style changes means tuning the self to the solar routine ,means relationship to the Sun .Right Relationship to the Sun is the subject of the Vaastu Shastra,where a perfect alignment of the house to the magnetic axis is important.Again to avoid the fault related to the Viprit Sour Sandarbha ie to avoid the distracted relationship to the Sun.
Where there torque of the fire and wind lies ; there happens a conflict in the decisions of intelligence and the failure happening due to the lack of confidence.This low level of success leads to the sleep trauma and all disorders.
In modern times this irregularity in the routine is the prime cause of weirdism.So some external efforts are needed to correct the organics of the body-mind-intellect like yoga-Ayurveda-detox for the better survival .So integrated system of the Vaastushastra,where a comprehensive thought is given ;which include the contribution of yoga-mantra-chants-herbs-rituals can be added to the routine.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
In some casestudies it is found that the husbands are engaging themselves in religious activities or institutions very seriously,and totally forgetting their duties related to children and the wife.This particular problem has become quite common in the society after the new commercial institutional approach to the spiritual activity.A big organisational setups and neptunium behaviour of the spiritual masters attract the youths due to their name and fame.
This new breed of saints is more connected to the vanity of the Neptune ,eccentricity of the Uranus and the luxury of the Venus .People with low prana get attracted to these saints and these masters use them as the small screw of their machinery ,where they get lossed leading to loss of responsibility towards the family and get stamped as the Weird husbands.A typical common feature is found in the houses of these spiritually victimised weird husbands.
All these people have houses with less prana ie either east closed or east is loaded.Less prana leads to less confidence and unknown fear at deeper levels of the consciousness; which forces them to surrender the self to external agencies like Gurus-institutions-organisations.
At many places toilet is in the east and northeast zones , which creat the sequence with such Neptunes and not Jupiterian gurus.
Hyper excitation of the west streams disturb the quality of the sadsadvivek buddhi ie intellectual abilities .The entire loss of the axis of the prana disturb all the divine faculties of the consciousness and the person starts believing in the other person than the own self and own people.The whole gurudum is based on this fact .
That is one can see the importance of the Vaastu tenets on all dimensions of the life.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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