Haunted houses

11. In the residences-offices-factories ; this paranormal existence is very often experienced by some sensitive people . Where as nonbelievers experience many types of complaints regarding moods-depression-physical ailments ; but are not able to connect them to the surroundings and the scenario due to very grounded material gross sense of logic ; to which they quote as the scientific approach.
There lie sound and light frequencies beyond the audible and visible ranges . These paranormal activities keep happening at that subtle level and keep distorting the subtle human faculties like ego-anger-sex-choiced inclinations- repetitive mechanical actions.

12.Many times in life time everybody experiences some type of behavioural anomaly . The words normally one may not use but get said loudly. A very quiet person at times shows intense anger ; actually which is not of his nature at all. Certain times a very enthusiastic person becomes utmost lazy ; actually when he is needed to be very active.All such phenomena are related to play of paranormal entities and encroachment of other spirit in your property ie in your personality.
In Bhagavad Geeta utmost importance is given to the word DAKSHA ie alertness . One who is alert in every moment will never experience such encroachments. But your self is related to the surroundings; which is the reflection of the vaastushastra.
Faults in certain directions create such situation of personality encroachments.

13 As the corners and sub directions contain five great elements and vibrations of these elements effect on the four pillars of consciousness; the play of vaastu is obviously a subtle and mysterious journey . There are thirty two deities on the outer perimeter define thirty two different dimensions of the mind . In yogshastra it is said that the mind has sixteen dimensions like sixteen kalas of the moon . So on the other side when moon dooms there are another sixteen states of mind which go on slowly effecting the moon. Similarly these thirty two divisions have differential effects on the mind .

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