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13. In the second phase it was suggested for removal of these mezzanine floors and to effect the east travel of the light from these main source directions.
This was as such the most easy task for any industrialist ; but it's always difficult to break any thing that is self erected.But the first correction of removing the iron debris gave a very good effect ; so this industrialist agreed to work on it and removed these two mezzanines.
Moment the main source directions started streaming in that shed ; the whole virtue of that place changed .Even the staff and labour felt ; as if some burden is removed from their shoulders .A new energy gave a feel of celebration to everybody working over there.The visitors -vendors-clients coming over there too had this pleasing sensation and enquired for my services .From one right treatment with out using any Tantra or ritualistic treatments but a form corrections gave me lot of name and fame.After this work ; I got many news assignments to rectify the spaces by form corrections; which is actually the aim of the subject of the architecture.
Very often the form is connected to some ratios like Aay-Vyay-Nakshatras and some very simple arithmetic factors by Ayaadi Experts.But these people do not understand its purpose and importance of its accuracy only related to the temple architecture.Even in temple architecture there are sixteen such important factors to carve out a sacred space by specific symmetry .But the purpose is different and not related to the practical fulfilment of desires by the excitation of the virtues of the earth element like Sound-Touch-Form-Nectar-smell.In temple architecture sole importance is to the ether and in all other structures the sole importance is to the earth .In temples the purpose is to transcend the desire and in all other structures the purpose is to fulfil the desires.
So Eighteen ancient sages have formulated the Shastra in five segments ; namely a)structural engineering details where proportions of beams -columns -pillars are given but in quite a poetic manner.
b)Factors like Aay-vyay-Nakshatra given to simulate the self to the cosmic reality.
c) Sutras given to elaborate the actual effect of the energy streaming and classification based on the matrix of deities and five great elements.
d) Astrological references as regards the life of that structure by assessment of the faults which may get generated in that structure due to specific positions of main planets.As in astrology the subject is human being ; similarly here the subject is considered as one structure .With this system the predictions of that house are given where Koorma Chakra is helpful to apply this system.
e) The last part is related to the worships and rituals which automatically merges the consciousness of those persons to materials involved and to make them charged by your well being-motives-aims.
In modern architecture, one should give importance to the form in correlation to the Sutras and not to arithmetic factors and calculations alone.
It's just adamant and unaesthetic approach to insist for only one type of system out of the five fold Shastra as explained above.Particularly this adamant approach is seen only in the Ayadi practicians ; where they avoid to see the failure of the life time project of their master ; where obviously the ratios and arithmetic factors must be perfect but any beginner to the vasstu shastra will also see the foul made in the following of the sutras .
Iconography and murthy shastra are totally different subjects than Vaastushastra.
Ratio proportion and factors are of great importance in iconography and Murthy Shastra but are secondary in the modern and ancient architecture for houses .

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