Industrial vaastu

1.Many times it has been observed that factories have perfect form and right balancing of elements.Roof and ground slopes are correct and site margins
are as per the tenets of the vaastushastra.But the owner changes the house and constructs a lavish bunglow. If This new house has severe Vaastu faults then the factory starts showing losses.
In my casestudies I saw one factory in Pune.Factory has north south length with complete light and ventilation of the north and the east .Site margins to north and east are more than the site margins of south and west zones.
A huge underground water tank lies to northeast and perfectly in the Aap-Aap Vatsa zone. It has shown very nice progress in past fifteen years.In the mean time in the adjoining plot ie to its back side the new industrialist took a ETP plant with deep excavation to his north and to the south of this factory. During which this industrialist shifted to the new bungalow ; which has severe Vaastu faults .In his birth chart he started the dasha of lord of sevent ie of Mars .Being a libra ascendant Mars stands as the Marakesh and Badhakesh and is strong malefic planet .This Mars lies in the own sign in seventh house of the chart . That is how one sees the sequence of grah-tatva-devata at every place starts breaking when bad period starts in the birth chart .
With this understanding while Vaastu visit it is necessary to read to birth chart to know the quality of the present time.If period is bad then one should suggest remedies on house and at working place too along with some rituals related to the planets and deities .
When the bad period starts automatically the surroundings start changing from good to bad .It may not happen in your own plot but in the activity in the adjoining plot begins which leads to all such faults in the connected earth element.When the sink directions get eroded due to the weak earth then the sinking streams start attacking this structure ; which in its earlier state has given wonderful results .During such period one changes the original good house and enters in the voids of the new residence.This is termed as the descending waves of the time .
In such bad period one tempts to take the advice of bogus Vaastu experts who do not use Vedik Systems of Vaastu Analysis but are practicians of the fraudulent ways like use of plastic toys-non scientific antennas-scanners leading to wrong remedies .

2.One very rich builder and industrialist constructed a huge bungalow in Pune .For construction of that bungalow; it took a very long period as it had a southeast vithishula.One finds many plots with southeast vithishula where nothing constructive happens and the property keeps swinging in the hands of different people by sale and purchase and with more legal complications.
As the southeast is the Prathsmeshtika so any severe fault in the earth or in the surroundings of any property in this southeast zone ; always leads to all types of complications; leading to a null and void circumstances.
Even in any industrial plot if the southeast remains unconstructed then through out that venture faces problems of varied nature ; leading to violence-fire hazards-tortures.
One famous architect from Mumbai faced a accidental death .His house had southeast toilet -southwest entry and terrace to west.In his office he had a cabin with east-west length and a big terrace to southeast and northwest entry to the office with extended verandah.Particularly such faults create the torque of fire and wind .As fire is the intense element and wind is the powerful element; it is very difficult to untie such torque.
The well known heart specialist doctor from Mumbai came to my office and showed his birth-chart and the plan of hospital under construction.The form of that hospital was Uttar-Pashchim-Dvishala.
This form is termed as *Yamsurya * as entire intense streaming happens of the southeast and south directions. One can not complete such construction in his life ; it means in a way such structure gives a death penalty and victim becomes the owner in such cases.
In his birth-chart he was passing through the phase of the dasha of the lord of the eighth house ; which signifies the death too.In his house he had a huge terrace to the southwest with toilet to the northeast zone.This situation in the house is indicative of the division of the Shiva and the Jeeva.The knot of the Jeeva and Shiva which lies at the naval zone gets untied untimely when the southwest contains the Viprit Antarala.
When in house -at working place -in the birth chart same type of fault is observed then that pattern of the event manifest becomes unavoidable.

3.In case of that very rich builder and industrialist ; he could complete the construction of that bungalow; after ten years of the prolonged period.
In this period he was passing through the dasha of the ascendant and when he shifted to this new house he entered in the period of Rahu dasha where Rahu lies in the seventh house and is in its own Nakshatra ; so it is significant as a strong Markesh.
Since Ketu lies in the first house in the fire sign and Rahu lies in the seventh house in wind sign ; the birth chart is indicative of the torque of the fire and the wind.
When similar situations lies in the house as the reflection of this particular yoga then in its dasha ; one faces severe intense events in the life.
Highest importance should be given to the Bhumi ie the earth element of the land ie slopes and quality of the soil .In this case since it's on a hill with slopes to east ; it does create one fault of "northwest high and southeast low."This creates the torque of the fire and wind element.As land slopes to east ; Bhallat-Som-Charak of the north matrix are higher than the southeast matrix ; which reduces the quality of the water element; along with intensify the fire element.In addition the plot has a vithishula effect from southeast ; which intensify the fire element additionally .
When Rudra -Rudra jay of the northwest matrix of deities get disturbed then the cosmic protection given by these Rudras gets diminished.
Since this person deals in land business; as the Bhudhar of the north matrix gets disturbed it rolls down all deals and opportunities.
When torque of fire and wind happens ; it disturbs all the political relations due to disturbances in the Rog-Naag of the northwest matrix and due to intense southeast matrix. This situation can be explained Astrologically by the square aspect of debilitated Saturn and exhalted Mars in the birth chart ; which is termed as the Bandhan Yog ie possibility of jail or bed ridden conditions .
Any rocky land having non fertile texture has a very dense earth cover everywhere .Such a rocky dense cover to the source directions disturb the rhythm of these creative energy zones; leading to dead response to the cosmic consciousness ; that decides the surroundings.In such cases depressions to the northwest-north-northeast and making lakes-underground water tanks and water bodies improves the characters of the land .Where as plantations as per the Vaastu tenets gives the organic culture to the surroundings.

4. One big plant of the car and agricultural tools industry never gave any profit ; as per the requirements and government norms ; whatever new additions done to the basic form of that factory gave worse effects.
This industrial unit has Vidisha plot .Any Vidisha ( magnetic and geometric axis do not match ) vaastu has inherent three faults attached to it. Basically in such Vaastu ; energy is weak due to the main energy directions fall in the corners.Elements are not balanced as the sub directions fall on the straight line ; where the positive confluence of the two streams ie pranik and jaivik energies do not happen .When the confluence of two streams gets disturbed then germination of the elements do not happen with the sacred geometry and that leads to imbalance of the elements.
Such Vidisha structure has oblique projection to the solar rays ; so it disturbs the relation to the Sun ; which is termed as the Viprit Sour Sandarbha.Any distraction to the Sun creates imbalance in the activation of the Brahmsthan as the Surya Tatva lies in the centre of any Vaastu .
As a matter of spiritualism Sun lies in between the macrocosm ie Brahma and the microcosm ie the individual or any individual system-institute-organisation.So when sun-relation gets disturbed then that institute-organisation-system do not get right message of the expansive brahman.As if in such case there lies the genetical fault in all that formation ; so as far as possible; it is important to avoid the Vidisha construction.
In this industry there lies Vidisha vaastu with northwest and southeast as the very long sides as if the ratio proportion of Northwest to the northeast is 3:1 .In such properties the effect of water element is less .Water element represents the expansion-prosperity-continuity .Where as the southwest signifies the stability-regeneration-longevity ; which are the virtues of the earth element.Since northeast and southwest are shorter sides to the plot ; these virtues of earth and water elements do not emerge and show any grace in all the activities and ventures.

5. Surprisingly this industrialist has two houses in Mumbai and reflect the same fault ; as it lies in the factory .This is termed as the cosmic memory code which follows the person ; till by understanding ie by Sun-power he does the changes in the Vaastu .Moment the changes happen in the surroundings and if that surroundings is corrected by Vaastu Tenets; then the cycles of the time start changing the eventology connected to that person.
His bedroom lies in the southeast zone with terrace to the southeast and the house is Vidisha too.So whenever any house is under the attack of southeast vibrations then the people staying there suffer by hunger-thirst-torture-pain and sorrow.The traditional sutra of the vaastushastra states the same as regards the vibrationsof the southeast direction.It is termed as the *Viprit Agni*.
In his birth chart he has exhalted Saturn in first house and own sign Mars in the seventh house ; which signifies the torque of the intense fire and powerful wind element.
Whenever such repetitive sequence of elements is observed in the house-bed room-factory -office then it is termed as the Ghat-Bimb-Siddhant ie as in microcosm so in macrocosm.In such cases it is very difficult to change the fate of the person but it is possible to reduce the intensity of the event ; if the subject person surrenders to the grace of the Shastras.
Unfortunately in the same period this industrialist constructed one big exhibition hall with black pyramidal roof to the northeast section of a plot . When one faces the maraka dasha ; then most of the times his every foot and step takes him to the valley of darkness.As the pyramidal form signifies a strong and powerful earth element ; with black colour is indicative of the evil earth expression; this structure totally wiped out the grace of the northeast matrix of deities ; leading to a liquidation of that entire property .
If a huge water body with white marble finish would have been placed in that zone then the divine grace of eighteen ancient sages could have blessed this factory by hiring some good international partner. Choice-Chance-Cherish goes with the form-future-fortune .Purpose-Person-Form walks together to attain the bliss.This is the grace of oriental ancient Shastras.

6.A huge industrial set up got auctioned in seven years time by the financial institute.
Over trading-no recurrence and recovery back of invested money-labour problems-labour union politics became the main causes of the failure of this huge industry .
Initially it was a single huge structure with slight dilation and effectively east-west length.Setting of the building was in the south zone with ample of margin to the north-northeast-east.
But it was a north light roof structure ; where major slope of the roof goes down to south and all working units are organised in the east -west length.When the transit planets like Rahu and Saturn form the wrong sequence with wind signs and fire signs then in such cases trouble begins in the working of factory. Whenever vibrations of Saturn get disturbed then chances of labour problems begin ; as Saturn signifies the labour class .So whenever there are problems in the west-northwest zones then the labour problem begins ;as this wind zone is ruled by the Saturn and Rahu too.
As said in RajVallabh by great Mandana ; that if the birth chart of any structure is made as per the muhurtha of the beginning of use of it ; then one can work out the effective life of that structure .This life estimate depends mostly on the placement of Saturn and Rahu ; along with their aspects to Mars and Sun.
Normally it is seen that if the fault lies in the southwest then in that chart one finds Pitru dosha .Pitru dosha means conjunction of Rahu -Sun or Rahu-Mars or Saturn -Sun.
In concurrence to such chart of that factory ; one can find multiple hidden and subtle faults which can be corrected by gems-pebbles-lingams-helix-travel of light-MantraBeej shankus-metals ; to improve and to balance the vibrations of that surroundings.
Chakra puja along with the appeasing of deities as said in the traditional Vaastu sutras give magical but temporary push.A form correction -travel of light-right placement of the earth element are the permanent solutions to eradicate the faults and to create the mandalacar streaming of the energy.
Whenever basic astro chart of the person and that structure has problems then slowly and unknowingly the surrounding of that structure breaks the tenets of that Vaastu .For example to the relative north a huge construction of the high rise building may block the north streaming or some ETP waste water tank may fall to the southeast-east zone in the adjoining plot.
So it is necessary to do atleast once in three years ; the vaastu audit for each factory ; in which this dynamic analysis of that vaastu will keep improving the vibrations; by remedies.

7. Though initially there was as such a one fault in the industrial shed ; that it has north light roof ; but as per the esoteric Vaastu it's the beginning to diagnose that in near future ; there lies possibility to happen the disturbance in the surroundings.This Esoteric Vaastu -branch of vaastu predictions is based on the various symptoms attached to that form.
For example if there lies a red flower tree to the southeast zone of any structure ; then there is possibility of faults in the southeast zone.If such fault is not visible over there ; then there lies possibility of fault like the *Shalya* ie some hidden disturbance in the soil of that zone.Many times it is seen that though there may not be any fault in that zone but in the coming future some construction begins in the adjoining plot .In that plot to their northeast a bore well or a big underground water tank or a pit of the septic tank happens.So in that accordance of futuristic possibilities of the disturbance to that zone ; a remedial measures should be taken to that zone pre hand.
So wisdom lies in the treating the southeast zone by burying copper triangular mantra beej shanku-copper triangular helix-copper Lingam .Plant one mango tree with square stone plateform to the southeast zone.
How to understand the activation of the negative energy in Vaastu -it's simple .Activation of the negative energy happens in the anti-clockwise path or like a direct hitting force.Over here it's visible by a construction of one building to northeast zone ; within 3 years of period .That is how one can understand the dynamics of vaastu and the cosmic programming happening by the forces in the surroundings.
Moment the northeast got loaded the supply of positive divine cosmic energy started receding leading to the disturbance in the day to day working of that industry. Shanta-Peace; Yashovati-success;Kanta-fame are the three Sutra devta connected to the northeast section.By name itself it is evident to know the virtues of these streams of the northeast zone.When the disturbance happens in the immediate outer surroundings; with a time gap as decided by the transit planets ; this poison starts infiltrating in the cosmic body of the Vaastu Pudusha .
A construction in the adjoining plot of the northeast zone acts like a mountain and huge load ; so that it acts like the Nairutya-Plav ie slope to the southwest zone.When relatively this zone becomes weak due to the weak earth elements ; the forces start streaming from southwest to northeast -a reversal of the channel and stresses happens ; which disturbs the most sensitive nodes namely the Shanmahanti of the vaastu Purusha .

8. After the construction in the adjoining northeast plot the total form of these two buildings has become L-opening out to west-northwest directions.This dvishala opens to northwest so it forms the Viprit antarala to northwest and signifies the excitation of the Rog and Naag deities.This excitation leads to break in the sutra devatas namely Subhadra and Susthiti .Subhadra means All well and Susthiti means well balanced divine state .
When deactivation happens to the sutra devta ; it leads to the breaks in the mandalacar streaming of the energy.Along with this negative confluence of the two streams happen.That is ; jaivik and the pranik streams meet in a counterclockwise loops .This increases the friction and impedance that creates the voids and asymmetrical jumps in the flow.These jumps and voids are ruled by the Saturn and Rahu together.Jumps and voids in the energy create the noise that leads to all types of violence.
Sound is related to the happiness-celebration-good health ; where as noise signifies to the torture-pain-sorrow.When the energy forms a sacred geometry pattern it creates the sound and when it forms disorder then it creates the noise.Noise in the industrial structures is signified by the difference in the opinions amongst partners-revolt by labour-loans-liquidation.
The matrix of deities is not just the 45 deities together but is comprised of twenty sutra devtas -asht dikpals-eight Vikshep deities-five great elements.In this whole holistic system there is specific role to each deity and each zone.The sutra devtas connect the surroundings to the internal spaces by formation of the dynamic grid in the cosmic body of the Vaastu Purusha.The Ang devtas act as the nucleus of that zone.Aavaran devtas form the orbit around the Angdevtas. The overall effect of all this organisation of the deities create the mandalacar streaming in the body of the Vaastu Purusha .
Shastra has given certain fixed forms where the energy gets expressed in the sacred pattern automatically. There are two ways to get these form ; the one way is connected to the arithmetic means like Ayaadi formulas; which are not applicable in the modern houses ;so mostly it's applicability is connected to the Temple architecture.Where as the forms named as HiranyNabh-Siddhartha Dvishala-Sukhkshetra are quite easy to understand and are based on the sequencing of grah-tatva-devta-disha-urja ; which is termed as the Panchayatan -five dimensions of the Vaastu shastra.

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Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
9. It is observed that the situation in the house-factory-office is normally same.Even in the birth chart one finds the similar aspects of planets .For example if fault lies in the west zone then in the birth chart one finds fault in the Saturn and Rahu .Sometimes the seventh house in the chart contains moon in the water sign with aspect of Saturn and mars.In such cases severe faults are observed in the house-office-factory.
Equal importance should be given to the house while assessment of the office-factory-commercial premises .
Because changes in the house start a positive wave that controls the negative time and energy.Since in sleep ; one surrenders all natural faculties like mind-intelligence-ego to the natural forces in the surroundings;there lies the key of event manifest.
So alignments-zone-head positions-surroundings all counts a lot in changing the event manifest towards the positivity.
Ideally head to south with entire south closed-loaded-confined ie south has a powerful sacred earth element to absorb all the negativities.
One perfect bedroom in the house gives good results though the entire house may not have the perfect Vaastu compliance .
If southwest corner is taken care of by putting a heavy lead pyramid or vishnukanta stambha or by some pebbles ; it gives the balanced vibrations of the earth element in right zone to absorb all the negativity.
A separate cabin in the factory with north-south length is one more easy solution.In such cabin one can organise the elements and zones with proper sequence to deities and planets.If in such cabin a facility is made to connect the north sky vibrations by the sky light then the energy parameters change significantly.
White marble top to the table with lunar shape and placing a black or blue stone Lingam to left side ie to the relative west zone on the table is a divine assembly that showers the opportunities from unknown sources.
Reloading the southeast-south-southwest by three pedestals formed in iron cage and filled by the golden-yellow-brown pebbles is ideal solution to gain the fast results .
As in the house of this person there are all balconies to southwest zone and the entrance is ftom northeast with entire north east closed .Basically house is a Vidisha vaastu with northwest closed and some part of southeast has two big windows.Moment the northeast zone of factory got loaded due to the new huge factory ; the decline of the business began.
So whenever the situation at house-factory becomes same then a definite downtrend cycles of time begin .

10. In one well known company I did just surface cleansing by removal of certain connected structures and some mezzanine floors and in three months period it started showing very good results .
Many times the initial format of many factories is quite good .With progress of that industrial unit ; more space becomes necessary and as per the requirements one keeps expanding the construction with negligence to the basic disciplined form of that structure.
Then all such extensions carry the vices of that direction and create the spaces where Vikshep deities stay and start dictating on the original form and the Ang Devtas of that zone.Specifically such happens when these extensions are non symmetric and act as the additional spaces to the sink directions.
If the roof slopes are to west or south then these extensions act as voids controlled by the Rahu.If these extensions have reduced levels than original plinth then they add weak earth element so that the Pingala streams get intensified that leads to all types on accidents in the working area -reduction in the production-health problems to owners.
If the original factory is perfect square and rectangle then this addition of the some part as the lean to roof adds three additional sides to these four sides ; leading to total seven sides .
Such heptagon contains multiple triangles of differential geometry ; means it signifies the intense fire element.Since this fire element lies as the overall effect ; it disturbs the balance of five great elements leading to collapse of that unit .
Any asymmetric structure gets projected to the Sun rays in a differential odd way that disturb the surrounding attached to that structure. The success of any unit depends on the confluence of the streaming of the pranik and jaivik energies.When these intense solar rays create asymmetric geometry around the structure ; it automatically disturb the energy in side that vessel . Cosmic body of the structure is defined by the pattern of the energy inside and outside the vessel .When outside energy becomes volatile it has direct impact on the cosmic aura body of the Vaastu Purusha.
Similarly if such structure is added by some mezzanines to the source directions then they totally block the vibrations of source zones.When such blockages reduce the light of that space then one tends to open the shed by skylights or from other possible directions. In such cases when light is taken from sink directions then the Vikshep deities of west and south get activated ; leading to a complete lockdown of that factory.

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