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Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
10. In one well known company I did just surface cleansing by removal of certain connected structures and some mezzanine floors and in three months period it started showing very good results .
Many times the initial format of many factories is quite good .With progress of that industrial unit ; more space becomes necessary and as per the requirements one keeps expanding the construction with negligence to the basic disciplined form of that structure.
Then all such extensions carry the vices of that direction and create the spaces where Vikshep deities stay and start dictating on the original form and the Ang Devtas of that zone.Specifically such happens when these extensions are non symmetric and act as the additional spaces to the sink directions.
If the roof slopes are to west or south then these extensions act as voids controlled by the Rahu.If these extensions have reduced levels than original plinth then they add weak earth element so that the Pingala streams get intensified that leads to all types on accidents in the working area -reduction in the production-health problems to owners.
If the original factory is perfect square and rectangle then this addition of the some part as the lean to roof adds three additional sides to these four sides ; leading to total seven sides .
Such heptagon contains multiple triangles of differential geometry ; means it signifies the intense fire element.Since this fire element lies as the overall effect ; it disturbs the balance of five great elements leading to collapse of that unit .
Any asymmetric structure gets projected to the Sun rays in a differential odd way that disturb the surrounding attached to that structure. The success of any unit depends on the confluence of the streaming of the pranik and jaivik energies.When these intense solar rays create asymmetric geometry around the structure ; it automatically disturb the energy in side that vessel . Cosmic body of the structure is defined by the pattern of the energy inside and outside the vessel .When outside energy becomes volatile it has direct impact on the cosmic aura body of the Vaastu Purusha.
Similarly if such structure is added by some mezzanines to the source directions then they totally block the vibrations of source zones.When such blockages reduce the light of that space then one tends to open the shed by skylights or from other possible directions. In such cases when light is taken from sink directions then the Vikshep deities of west and south get activated ; leading to a complete lockdown of that factory.

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