Industrial Vaastu

11. In the treatment of surface cleansing what is more important is to attain the sacred geometry to that structure.
This cleansing is related to removal of those structures which act as the hindrance to the mandalacar path of the energy.Many times levels of floorings are wrong -for example if "northwest is high and southeast is low " then it acts as if the slope of the ground is to the southeast ie it acts as the weak earth to the southeast ; which may lead to ego-anger-overconfidence that may lead to wrong decisions in the deals.Along with the delivery of the finished goods may come in danger due to defamation or some quality issues.
As the northwest gets loaded and southeast gets low then it forms the torque of the fire and wind .Whenever Saturn or Rahu passes through 1/5/9 fire signs ; then in this period ; such structures-factories may face some critical issues related to production -accounts-government legal matters .
In such cases it is necessary to reload the southeast and to deload
the northwest. To add the virtues of the sacred vibrations , one can use the copper Lingam with copper triangular helix to southeast and bronze Lingam with bronze circular helix to northwest zone.If proper Nanda tithi is observed for the southeast ritual and Jaya tithi is observed for the northwest ritual then the cycles of time and vibrations of directions get tuned automatically.Such act is termed as "Kaal Dish Samayochit "ie disha becomes the vehicle to transform the time in to sacred aspiration.
While establishing such sacred assembly under the plinth add as many Chidvastus as possible.Chidvastus may include rudrakshas-lotus seeds-hard almonds-betel nuts-hard turmeric-dried dates etc.
Provide a pit of 36"bye 36" bye 36" and make its cleansing by burning the magic mixture in side with chants of Shanti Path.Then sprinkle the divine waters like teerthum by using mango leaves .
Then place the charged helix and Lingam assembly in the pit with base of unhusk rice .Fill the pit by sands from divine rivers and pebbles from sacred places .During this process do the chants of Sanskrit mantras and place all the chidvastus besides the lingam assembly.Then put the concrete slurry to fix it in position.Plant the tree on this assembly; which suits to that zone.

12. In this case of the surface cleansing to the factory following corrections were done. There was a huge construction of mezzanine to the north and some part of the east zone ;which was done after seven years as the additional space requirement ; had blocked the travel of the light from the main source directions.
These mezzanine were loaded by the iron debris and many broken construction instruments .
In first step all this debris was removed and the mezzanine floors were maintained clean .
Just removal of this iron debris gave some positive indication of the agreement between the management and the labour union. Astrologically iron signifies Saturn and the debris signifies Rahu .So the iron debris in the east and the north zone acts like the conjunction of the moon and Rahu along with the conjunction of the Sun and the Saturn .East is connected to the Sun and north is connected to the moon .Hence removal of iron debris from the north and east acted as if the end of the Pitru dosha or end of the eclipse of the Sun and Moon .In the personal chart this planetary combination; it reflects the opening of the new doors and opportunities in the life .
Particularly Saturn signifies the labour class and Rahu signifies the violence and the ambiguity.When this tie of the Saturn and Rahu on the vibrations of the north and east of the factory was removed it purified the positive energy streaming .This is termed as the surface cleansing which gave immediate relief regarding relations with the labour union.
If fault lies severe on the north-south axis then follow the Sapt-Shalaka technique on this organic axis .If the factory has east-west length then follow Sapt Shalaka on the north south axis and Panch Shalaka on the east-west axis .If the factory has north-south length then reverse the Panch and Sapta Shalakas.
It is the technique to activate the deities and strengthened then Sutra Devtas.Moment the north sutra devtas are activated ie Vishala-Sati-Sumana are channelised ; most of the problems are removed due to powerful organic streams.
This treatment is executed on the boundary of the plot so that the functioning of the factory is not hampered in this remedy .If these channels have excessive length then exactly on the boundary of the building it should be done.At the centre of these three shalakas in the Brahmsthan seeding of the Rubies gives excellent results as activation of the complete Shalaka happens .

13. In the second phase it was suggested for removal of these mezzanine floors and to effect the east travel of the light from these main source directions.
This was as such the most easy task for any industrialist ; but it's always difficult to break any thing that is self erected.But the first correction of removing the iron debris gave a very good effect ; so this industrialist agreed to work on it and removed these two mezzanines.
Moment the main source directions started streaming in that shed ; the whole virtue of that place changed .Even the staff and labour felt ; as if some burden is removed from their shoulders .A new energy gave a feel of celebration to everybody working over there.The visitors -vendors-clients coming over there too had this pleasing sensation and enquired for my services .From one right treatment with out using any Tantra or ritualistic treatments but a form corrections gave me lot of name and fame.After this work ; I got many news assignments to rectify the spaces by form corrections; which is actually the aim of the subject of the architecture.
Very often the form is connected to some ratios like Aay-Vyay-Nakshatras and some very simple arithmetic factors by Ayaadi Experts.But these people do not understand its purpose and importance of its accuracy only related to the temple architecture.Even in temple architecture there are sixteen such important factors to carve out a sacred space by specific symmetry .But the purpose is different and not related to the practical fulfilment of desires by the excitation of the virtues of the earth element like Sound-Touch-Form-Nectar-smell.In temple architecture sole importance is to the ether and in all other structures the sole importance is to the earth .In temples the purpose is to transcend the desire and in all other structures the purpose is to fulfil the desires.
So Eighteen ancient sages have formulated the Shastra in five segments ; namely a)structural engineering details where proportions of beams -columns -pillars are given but in quite a poetic manner.
b)Factors like Aay-vyay-Nakshatra given to simulate the self to the cosmic reality.
c) Sutras given to elaborate the actual effect of the energy streaming and classification based on the matrix of deities and five great elements.
d) Astrological references as regards the life of that structure by assessment of the faults which may get generated in that structure due to specific positions of main planets.As in astrology the subject is human being ; similarly here the subject is considered as one structure .With this system the predictions of that house are given where Koorma Chakra is helpful to apply this system.
e) The last part is related to the worships and rituals which automatically merges the consciousness of those persons to materials involved and to make them charged by your well being-motives-aims.
In modern architecture, one should give importance to the form in correlation to the Sutras and not to arithmetic factors and calculations alone.
It's just adamant and unaesthetic approach to insist for only one type of system out of the five fold Shastra as explained above.Particularly this adamant approach is seen only in the Ayadi practicians ; where they avoid to see the failure of the life time project of their master ; where obviously the ratios and arithmetic factors must be perfect but any beginner to the vasstu shastra will also see the foul made in the following of the sutras .
Iconography and murthy shastra are totally different subjects than Vaastushastra.
Ratio proportion and factors are of great importance in iconography and Murthy Shastra but are secondary in the modern and ancient architecture for houses .

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14. It is ignored by most of the Ayaadi experts that the form is comprised of vibrations-waves-sound-light and not only to some factors ;which too have many adjustments and compromises like the decisions of perimeter-the inside or outside or at mid level.
Decision of right module of measurement to add to the formulas and it's approximation to the nearer whole number -has many versions and difference of opinions .
If one does not know the exact birthtime then to follow the Nakshatra by his first letter of the name ; all such things are nothing but the deviation from the truth and reality.
But as in Vaastu sutras
North is north everywhere with its connectivity to the organic streams and the water element too.Even in the other shastra like astrology too ; we find the similar approach.Even in yogshastra too it's same personal and cosmic breath termed as the Chandra Ida Nadi.
So it's wise to follow the sutras with integrated approach of connecting them to the ocean of astrology and the yogashastra ; so that one opens out to the vast integrated approach of remedial vaastushastra; which is the need of the modern man and modern architecture too.
I find it to be too childish to quote that Sun and Moon have no reference to the Vaastushastra ; as has been quoted by one great Ayadi Master .
How these people ignore the matrix of deities where Som and Aaditya means moon and the Sun.The utmost importance should be given to the matrix of deities with their qualities as explained in the Puranas and Vedas .
Knowing their grace and virtues in concurrence to the paraphernalia attached to them as their colour-vehicles-myth attached to know their quality ; it will be possible to create that vibration ; which is the base of the remedial Vaastu .
As in this case ; moment the north and east obstructions were removed ; in two months the effect of these Chandra Ida streams started showing good results . Some totally new orders from the market got sprung and gave a monopoly positive effect to the company .Same product got importance in the global market .
That is how one can see the effect of positive vibrations of powerful planets like mars-sun-moon-Venus -Jupiter.
As this surroundings changes then as if the planetary effects in the birth chart of the owner changed ; is the experience in many cases and clients .
A) So cleansing the spaces .
B)Reorienting the premises to north and east.
C) Loading the south and west
D) Using the divine forms like Lingams and helix
is the effective means to change the form and not just working on the arithmetic factors and Ayaadi.

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15. In one renowned factory most of the Vaastu tenets were perfect as regards Bhumi Nikash-Travel of light-site margins-placement of the machinery -roof slopes -placement of mezzanine and aesthetics too.But in general the labour was lazy-idle-without discipline.
This situation was there as there were difference of opinion amongst partners .All director's cabins were made with perfect reference to Ayadi calculations -possible positive Nakshatra -tables to suit their name Nakshatra -ratio proportion of the cabin with golden ratio etc.
These cabins were in the south zone with a stone wall of the main huge factory building to the north and each cabin had huge glass facade to the south from where the cabins we're getting charged by the powerful sinking streams.
All these six cabins were as such detached from the main factory building with independent access from the south corridor .Each cabin had one attached toilet to relative east ; so as such to the cabin ; there were toilets to west and east both .So to this cabin the only light source available was from south along with the polluted east zone because of the toilet.
To the south of the cabin they have maintained a beautiful garden with some fountains and water bodies and lawn.
In general if the main chief executive officers -chairpersons-directors are wrongly placed then the entire working of that unit fails .So in any company; one should give first attention to the design of the cabins of the most important officers and then to other general aspects of the overall factory building .
In this case the chairman's cabin was planned to southwest where unfortunately along with the south flux there was huge ventilation from the west direction. In addition to the closed and loaded north ; the other source direction ie east was polluted because of toilet.
In late 1980 the construction of this factory was completed and on the first day of the Hindu year ie Gudi Padva the factory got inaugurated to Abhijit Muhurtha .As regards the Astro Vaastu this Abhijit muhurtha does not work good as the Sun position is in the tenth house ; indicating aakash-prakash-urja from the south zone .Even if a perfect care is taken in the planning ; still when the negative activation of this Sun begins by the conjunction or aspects of the Saturn and the Rahu ; there lies definite possibility of the Nirbal Prythvitatva to the relative south of that structure .

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16. In this case the improvements in the cabins of all executives and chairpersons totally changed the previous scenario of disorder in the labour-staff and differences amongst the executives.This is the miracle that the cosmic energy and balanced elements can play by improved virtuous form and not just any arithmetic factors and ratios.
In such improvements; the nature of expression of five great elements plays a very important role in the creation of the space and in the reduction of the voids. All elements have two types of expressions and both have equal effect on the balancing of the energies and stabilisation of the elements.Subtle expression needs very little changes in the architectural form where as in case of gross expression there could be serious changes in the existing building and the surrounding.
In case of one internationally known Software company the form of the cabin of the vice chairman was pentagonal. Normally there lies a great resemblance and similarities in the sequence of elements and pattern of energy in all the spaces which are widely used by any person.Even in the birth chart one finds the same combination of planets and elements.
Wisdom lies in doing the corrections in all the spaces connected to that person to get real benefits of this shastra.So analysis of factory-house-cabin should be done for the effective success in the progress of the factory at-least in the important people of that business place.
In this case ;
a)All the executives and chairperson were reorganised to face north direction.Though the north is closed ; indirect streaming can be created by many remedies like mirrors-crystals-white marble-lunar shaped table top with golden ratio.
b) Relative south zone in the cabin was raised by six inches with use of yellow flooring.This raising of the floor was done by using river pebbles.
C) Limiting the south light by use of yellow film to the south window glass.As the yellow colour gives the subtle vibrations of the earth element; this simple treatment of yellow film to south windows have a profound effect on the energetics of the space.
d) Opening the sky of the north zone by providing core cut holes or removal of a complete four feet wide slab to relative north in each cabin and providing glass roof top. Such changes are real form corrections and have profound effect on the eventology.
e) Lateral holes in the stone walls to connect the cabins to the vast space of north and removal of any obstruction in the path of travel of this light in the factory shed ; gave exciting improvements in the financial conditions as well in the order and discipline in the factory.

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17. As a matter of stabilisation of these new ventures and a wave of new beginning in the stock market some changes were suggested in the north zone of this factory. Due to positive effects of the initial surface cleansing as the vaastu treatment company had gained a good faith in this Vedik Shastra.So in the second phase of corrections five borewells were suggested to the north zone in a lunar shape . To define the north south axis ; on 180 degrees to the south; similar five points were selected for the cosmic metal treatments. These two ends when form a cosmic dialogue by placing five rubies and gold in the central brahmsthan ; it strengthens the Sutra Devtas of the north zone.
Channelisation of the energy by cosmic treatments is gained by this Sapt Shalaka Treatment.When these borewells are charged by placing pearls and silvers with chants on proper muhurtha ; along with rice grains-sandalwood powder-betel nut-one hard turmeric- one Rudraksha-lotus seeds then the deities get established in that matrix of deities and dispels away the vibrations of the Vikshep Devtas.
If due to some wrong distribution of the load of machines or levels in the plinths or any heavy machine foundations; there happens any obstruction in the energy streaming then such deeper holes as bore wells to the north zone act as the powerful source of the organic streams .This powerful source creates tides due to such obstructions and are able to regulate the cosmic channel ie sutra devta.
All the chidvastus placed in that bore well have divine qualities related to the deity-element and planet of that zone .When a sacred geometry like lunar shape to take the bores is used then that complete curvilinear geometry becomes the Jaivik Shalaka ie organic moon to the north zone ; which acts on the entire Vaastu .
Placing crystal lingams with silver circular helix and pearls around ; if seeded in between two bores and charged by mantras and similar chidvastus ; acts as the profound source of the organic streams . Establish such assembly under the soil at around 27" depth and feel that pit by sand of seven divine rivers or crystal and diamond crush or soil from seven divine places. Addition of all such Chidvastus-lingams-metals enriches the soil ; where Soil only is the important medium for the vaastu shastra .Classifying the soil on the basis of zones and directions ; then correlating that zone to the specific energy and the element; after which placing the gems-crystals-lingams to suit energy and element is the real important task in the improving the virtues of the soil.

18. Shalaka begins to the source zone and ends to the sink zone ; so in a way mukh or mouth of the Shalaka lies to the north or east and the tail lies to the south and west .Where as the Nabhi of the Shalaka lies in the Brahmsthan; where the Ruby and gold along with some chidvastus are seeded to regulate the streaming in the Shalaka ie a channel.Ruby and gold act as the regulator of the stream , as well acts as the booster to the Sutra devta .
In modern construction unless pre planned , normally the rule of the Shanmahanti is not followed and important sensitive nodes on the body of the vaastu purusha get disturbed.
Not even half a percent people believe in this ancient vaastushastra.So as regards the position of the vasstu Purusha-a matrix of deities -Shanmahanti; one can not expect to have any reflection in the modern construction.In this case this new system of Sapt and Panch Shalaka can define the sutra devtas properly and the new positions of the Shanmahanti will get defined.
Energy Grids in the soil are bio organic channels and in a state of dynamic mode .So when ever a severe depression for the basement is done in the adjoining plot on the sink side ie to the south or west then it has effect like the Dakshin Plav or Pashchim Plav ie slopes to the south or west . In such cases additional strengthening by the powerful sacred earth element is needed to south and west zone of the existing factory.
At one place the treatment of 6" wide iron solid rods with nine feet length was done to the south zone . Such rods act as the kilak that fixes the boundary of the factory . When nine such Kilakas to south and nine bore wells to north in a lunar shape with placing some tantrik chidvastus were done ; that industry started showing good results .
The treatment varies on each site in accordance to the severity of the fault .If the north margin is already good enough then the treatment of just bore wells is enough .Only charging of these holes should be done by Chidvastus.If faults to the south are severe then take seven pits on tail of the saptshalaka of size six feet bye six feet bye six feet .Then treat the pit by mantra beej plate-mantra beej shanku-and the iron Lingam on the Bhadra Tithi and fill the pit by pebbles of many divine rivers along with Chid Vastus.
Similarly on the east west axis one has to use the related metals-crystals-chidvastus in concurrence to the element and deities of the east and west directions.

19. In case of the main leaders of any company -chairperson of that factory ; if special attention is given then it emerges to the right collective actions of all the segments of that factory. So a perfect sequence of the ratio proportion of their cabin -positive travel of light in that cabin- selection of colours- false ceilings- height of the cabin- facing the benefic direction becomes the primary need for fortunistic future.
In the Chitra Karma chapter of the traditional vaastu books ; immense importance is given to the sacred geometric figures with choicest colours made of organic herbal pattern .
In esoteric vaastu such pictures in important cabins reflect the future of that person . For that one needs to develop that art of reading the meaning through the colours-figures in that picture-direction .It is something like reading the tarot card of that person.
In case of one industrialist he had portrayed the picture of Titanic ; when asked ; he said just ten days before it was gifted to him .When I saw his birth chart ;just two months back his mars dasha was begun with mars in eight house with moon in Scorpio sign ; means it was a strong dasha of the lord of eight house . The dasha became strong and intense as the sequence of dasha is defined from the moon constellation. Mars and Moon being in saturn constellation with Saturn in the eleventh house in own sign .
One should understand the importance of the knowledge of codisciplines like paranormal activities -it's reflections in the surrounding by symbols -pictures-surfaces ; knowledge of astrology and correlating all that to the eventology.
This industrialist died in eighth month due to road accident. That is how one can see ; the Chitra Karma reading through the symbols and the pictures around.
The square geometry of the cabin signifies the earth element that supports the stability and seeding for the good events in the future. Particularly for a well set industry this form can be used for senior mentor of that company. In such cabin while arranging the table it is preferable to face the north with 5 to 10 degrees dilation .In small dilation the square form starts acting as the dynamic earth element which has highest creativity and productivity . In classical vaastu literature this orientation is termed as the Isha-Prachi .
In the Tantra shastra every element is explained in it's static and dynamic state by the geometric figures ; which Vaastu expert should use in the practical application in his practice.

20. In one popular software company in Pune faced problems in the new huge construction in force ; so they asked for professional Vaastu advice to me.
This new under construction building was planned with good attention to the Vaastu tenets by the architect with some minor mistakes .But these mistakes were not that severe to obstruct the construction .Some minor mistakes like more balconies to south and west or building with more basement area to west were there; in the planning of the structure.Lot of steel was lying in the east zone and heaps of aggregate and sand were loaded in the north zone on that plot.But overall the site margins to north and east was good ; so the building was planned in the Southeast-South-Southwest zone of the plot.
So primarily the changes in the stacking of the material was suggested and got executed immediately.Then to stabilise the mandalas of the energy a sacred powerful earth element was established on the Bhadra Tithi by the ritual of the Vaastu Nabhi Shanku.The excess part of the south basement was refilled by pebbles so at the ground level severity of the fault was removed .Any correction done at the soil level has always immense positive results on the process of construction; that's why a series of borewells to north with a lunar form has great power to remove the poison arrows of the other faults .
After doing all these corrections the activity of that construction gathered some speed but when their existing office was checked for Vaastu audit ; lot of faults were noted in that space. Specially location of all directors and their cabins had many faults and quite simple to rectify in general.
To gain the speed series of holes to north zone for four floors was advised in the existing office .Instead of that directors removed one complete bay of slab to alternate floors ; so it created a double height or C-Cut to north zone on alternate floor .Since on top floor the glass was added by cutting the slab ; which effected unlimited vibrations of the ether of the north zone ; which is one of the best form termed as HiranyNabh in all the traditional vaastu books.
Aakash-Prakash-Urja of the north zone is the most powerful source of energy that induces the mandalacar form of Prana in the vaastu kshetra ; which in general strengthen the matrix of deities of all zones.
As far as possible the form corrections should be the approach of the Vaastu expert and not just the remedies.Right Form has divinity where as remedies are nothing but the reflection of the clever tricks played by Vaastu expert.But if these remedies are connected to the knowledge of astro-yoga-Tantra and worked out on the correct auspicious time then they have a powerful positivity too.

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