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Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
9. It is observed that the situation in the house-factory-office is normally same.Even in the birth chart one finds the similar aspects of planets .For example if fault lies in the west zone then in the birth chart one finds fault in the Saturn and Rahu .Sometimes the seventh house in the chart contains moon in the water sign with aspect of Saturn and mars.In such cases severe faults are observed in the house-office-factory.
Equal importance should be given to the house while assessment of the office-factory-commercial premises .
Because changes in the house start a positive wave that controls the negative time and energy.Since in sleep ; one surrenders all natural faculties like mind-intelligence-ego to the natural forces in the surroundings;there lies the key of event manifest.
So alignments-zone-head positions-surroundings all counts a lot in changing the event manifest towards the positivity.
Ideally head to south with entire south closed-loaded-confined ie south has a powerful sacred earth element to absorb all the negativities.
One perfect bedroom in the house gives good results though the entire house may not have the perfect Vaastu compliance .
If southwest corner is taken care of by putting a heavy lead pyramid or vishnukanta stambha or by some pebbles ; it gives the balanced vibrations of the earth element in right zone to absorb all the negativity.
A separate cabin in the factory with north-south length is one more easy solution.In such cabin one can organise the elements and zones with proper sequence to deities and planets.If in such cabin a facility is made to connect the north sky vibrations by the sky light then the energy parameters change significantly.
White marble top to the table with lunar shape and placing a black or blue stone Lingam to left side ie to the relative west zone on the table is a divine assembly that showers the opportunities from unknown sources.
Reloading the southeast-south-southwest by three pedestals formed in iron cage and filled by the golden-yellow-brown pebbles is ideal solution to gain the fast results .
As in the house of this person there are all balconies to southwest zone and the entrance is ftom northeast with entire north east closed .Basically house is a Vidisha vaastu with northwest closed and some part of southeast has two big windows.Moment the northeast zone of factory got loaded due to the new huge factory ; the decline of the business began.
So whenever the situation at house-factory becomes same then a definite downtrend cycles of time begin .

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