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🌈🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
12. In this case of the surface cleansing to the factory following corrections were done. There was a huge construction of mezzanine to the north and some part of the east zone ;which was done after seven years as the additional space requirement ; had blocked the travel of the light from the main source directions.
These mezzanine were loaded by the iron debris and many broken construction instruments .
In first step all this debris was removed and the mezzanine floors were maintained clean .
Just removal of this iron debris gave some positive indication of the agreement between the management and the labour union. Astrologically iron signifies Saturn and the debris signifies Rahu .So the iron debris in the east and the north zone acts like the conjunction of the moon and Rahu along with the conjunction of the Sun and the Saturn .East is connected to the Sun and north is connected to the moon .Hence removal of iron debris from the north and east acted as if the end of the Pitru dosha or end of the eclipse of the Sun and Moon .In the personal chart this planetary combination; it reflects the opening of the new doors and opportunities in the life .
Particularly Saturn signifies the labour class and Rahu signifies the violence and the ambiguity.When this tie of the Saturn and Rahu on the vibrations of the north and east of the factory was removed it purified the positive energy streaming .This is termed as the surface cleansing which gave immediate relief regarding relations with the labour union.
If fault lies severe on the north-south axis then follow the Sapt-Shalaka technique on this organic axis .If the factory has east-west length then follow Sapt Shalaka on the north south axis and Panch Shalaka on the east-west axis .If the factory has north-south length then reverse the Panch and Sapta Shalakas.
It is the technique to activate the deities and strengthened then Sutra Devtas.Moment the north sutra devtas are activated ie Vishala-Sati-Sumana are channelised ; most of the problems are removed due to powerful organic streams.
This treatment is executed on the boundary of the plot so that the functioning of the factory is not hampered in this remedy .If these channels have excessive length then exactly on the boundary of the building it should be done.At the centre of these three shalakas in the Brahmsthan seeding of the Rubies gives excellent results as activation of the complete Shalaka happens .

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