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21. In the same software company when the cabins were checked ; two cabins were planned of pentagon shape. The pentagon is comprised of three triangles which have different shapes and signify acute triangles . In yogashastra and in the Tantra philosophy ; Triangle indicates the fire element and three triangles with asymmetric arrangement signifies intense fire element.
In vaastushastra the intense fire element is considered as the Maha dosha -severe fault that penalise the person by hunger-thirst-pain-sorrow-torture. Where thirst is not just physical thirst of water but as the fire element represents ego in the four pillars of consciousness; this thirst means excessive demonic ambition . Hunger is not just the need of food but it's the intense expression of the monstrous desire.
Due to intense fire element the water element forms the steam and gives strokes and shocks in the life. Again when water enters in the state of steam means one shall correlate it to the cosmic play of the consciousness and not the physical aspect. People using such geometry to the surroundings loose their mindfulness and at times become violent .
When enquired the staff conformed these facts and mentioned the loss of good deals because of eccentric behaviour of these directors.
One such director faced severe high blood pressure attack leading to the paralysis .
Where as the second director faced premature death by drowning in the sea . That is how the eventology and the forces around prove to be effective to create the malific events in the life.
One surprising similarity of the Viprit Agni- distracted fire element is seen in the house of that director too.There lies the southeast vithishula on the house with double height to the entrance zone and the hall . So these two faults together form the severe intense fire element as the ruler of the house .This is called as the Ghat-Bimb-Siddhant ie as in microcosm so in macrocosm and a vice a versa.
Most surprising that the software engineers on the night shift had seen some paranormal activity in the both cabins and had a deep fear while passing over that section of the office. When highly progressive and qualified modern engineers feel such experience then one has to believe in the forty five deities of the Vaastu Purusha Mandala where such reference of demonic and spirits have a clear mentions.
The simple remedy in such cases is to remove such form by breaking the interior. Then burn the magic mixture in dry coconut for forty days ; morning and evening. Then provide that place for dining activity .

22. There was one factory in Kolkata which was Vidisha ie out of axis as regards geometric and magnetic axis. It was a simple cylindrical roof with 80'0" width and 200' long .Since northwest and southeast sides were longer effectively that factory had a torque of fire and wind . Fire is intense and wind is powerful; so torque of these two elements always create the knot which is very difficult to untie and very difficult to get any positive result.
Most of the Vidisha Vaastu which have problems are normally due to this geometry of northwest and southeast as the longer directions.
It's being a workshop; for ventilation purpose the northeast and southwest sides were kept open . Due to this situation the travel of light was happening from southwest zone ; which paralysed the earth element of that Vaastu .Where there is light there is no earth and where there is earth there is no light ; that is how these elements are complementary and needed to be used judiciously to create the spaces and to delete the voids.
This unit had 75'0" height at the centre and 40'0" height at the sides . So as such overall the sky element was good in the factory so initially for 4/5 years it gave a good result though was not that satisfactory. As such the geometry of that unit was similar to a big tunnel which has some sort of symmetrical form . Any symmetrical form has its own strength to give good results; but unless the travel of energy happens from source to sink directions; it never gives positive eventology.
As per the requirement and need of the circulation of materials; in the northeast zone a huge mezzanine was constructed ; which is the major blockage to the resourceful energy .
What we call in some mysterious word as Aura of the Vaastu ; is nothing but the blockage -hindrance-resistance to the source zone and free streaming of all sink zones ; then there are all types of dark shadows which cut down your every type of progress.
So removal of this mezzanine and shifting it to opposite southwest side was the real form correction needed to that factory shed . In removing it from northeast ; it cleared the passage for the flow of the resourceful energy. Restructuring it to southwest acted like the huge earth element to absorb the sinking streams of the main sink direction.
All these treatments are categorised as the surface cleansing . Without any treatment just opening the right channels of the energy and maintaining the source directions as the mouth of the Shalaka and sink directions as the tail of the Shalaka is the principle of the surface cleansing.

23. Soil being the soul medium in the vaastushastra ; major attainment happens through the enrichment of the soil. This soil is classified to give good or bad results as per its relationship to the directions and the elements.Soil is the only medium in which seeding- germination- growth can happen ; so soil is the womb in which the seeds of event flourish to give the earthly experience of this life which is real- physical phenomenal and factual .As the body is the gross expression of the earth element and mind is the subtle expression of the earth element; all shades of the earth are related to the body and mind . As per the shade of the soil as the expression of the element; it creates the quality of the event .
Since the construction defines its front-back- right and left and in that accordance classify the surrounding soil as the future that lies in front ; construction that lies as the present and past that lies in the back .Where as the sides act as the streaming of energy ; where construction is also in a dynamic state of existence in the changing time.
There lies one branch of vaastushastra that speaks in the language of front- back- left and right ; where the reference to the directions is not assumed at all. It's quite similar to the form school of the fengshui and speaks in terms of the cosmic and the personal breath . So in this type of shastra there lies involvement of astrology too.
As we see the Vaastu Purusha Mandala with all forty five deities-five great elements-sutra devtas are marked and are related on the plot ie soil ; so unless vibrations of the deities- elements-planets do not get expressed through the soil ; they have a little importance in the eventology; so enrichment of the soil ie earth element is the first and foremost duty of the Vaastu expert.
As the reference of deities- planets- elements are in concurrence to their expression and intensity; it's obvious that vaastushastra is a metaphysical science that deals regarding the subtle and physical phenomenal existence; simultaneously.
Placement of valley to source zone indicates the scope of the growth to the cosmic energy and placement of the hills and mountains to south - southwest- west is auspicious omen for the land as this powerful earth absorbs all the negativity and attracts the positive cosmic breath .Generally this is observed while assessing the industrial estates that how the bhumi ie soil takes a phenomenal part in the success stories of that factory.

24. With reference to the above discussion certain changes were suggested to that factory which gave astonishing results and added multiple other new products ; which gave immense profit to the company.
A) Two additional strips of the roof sheets were done transparent on the northeast side of the roof.This added the vibrations of the north and the east from the corners as it is a Vidisha Vaastu. Moment the positive cosmic breath got enhanced by around twenty percent seeding of the positive events started in that space . As we know that initially there was travel of light from both sides ie from northeast and southwest both ; but this additional bearing of the Aakash prakash urja from the main source zone totally changed the quality of the content of that shed.
The cosmic message of divine deities like Ish-Bhudhar-Aryama can spread in a mandalas if the Vivasvan- Indra- Mitra keep silence and pass over the signals of the Chandra Ida nadi .This silence can happen when a powerful sacred earth element gets established to the south and west zone.
Due to removal of mezzanine from northeast zone and relocating to southwest zone totally broke the initial evil form ; where the ruling of Vikshep deities like Jambhuka - Putana -Vikat was in force leading to multiple poison arrows spreading in the heen bahu path ie in the anti clockwise way.
The light that travels vertically like the focus is more effective as this light is mixed with the ether medium . So such Focussing of light from the sink zones becomes a major obstruction in the positive energy path as it literally kills the earth element of the sink zones.Where as such Focussing of the light from the source zone gives accelerated spread of the positive cosmic breath . If such Focussing happens with a circular geometry then that light contains the virtues of the wind element too. Being white in colour such light acts as the parjanya ie best form of the virtuous water element. In a way in the source zones ; such light has positive expression of northwest - north - northeast together.
As we know the four factor philosophy of Jainism as Aakar-Svabhav-Gun-Kaal ; in vaastushastra there lies great importance to the Aakar ie form. A right form transforms the future in to fortune ie the power of the form because as said in this philosophy the connectivity of the form to kaal.
Form creates vibrations of the element ; element enhances as the virtue ; virtue changes the nature and nature dictates the cycles of time . This is the holistic thought related to the form and form is the soul of the vaastushastra.

25. In the above factory shed ; the level difference played a wonderful role in improving the total dimension of speed- progress-profitability.
There is ascending helix of energy in concurrence to the zones and directions; which can be nicely understood by the *theory of counts *. Northeast has a peak of positive energy as it signifies the positive confluence of jaivik and pranik energies. Where as southwest is the chief sink directions; where the negative confluence of pranik and jaivik energies create the chaotic network of the energy ; so this zone needs the powerful- sacred-gross expression of the earth element.
Southeast which is termed as Prathameshtika - Nanda is the mouth from where the energy starts showing its intense destructive behaviour. On 180 degrees to northwest zone ; it can be said as positive prathameshtika - Jaya from where the circle of positive energy begins .
In accordance to these counts of energy if the earth element is organised then like the tally package that structure enters in a positive phase of the ever increasing energy state ; which keeps reducing the entropy of that Vaastu . This is the reason why it is necessary to follow a Vaastu Audit of each factory ; atleast once in two years . So in case of Vidisha vaastu instead of Southwest as the one end of the key and the northeast as the other end of the key ; one should focus on the north- south axis ; with understanding of south has minimal positive energy if lies with Nirbal earth element and north as the maximum positive energy if has lowest earth element. So conforming to energy axis and redefining to elements is the most important task to be followed in performing the Tantra Rituals and metal treatments.
If geometrically it's possible to construct with the north axis though the plot lies Vidisha ; then one can get very good results . But due to requirements of the maximum working plinth it becomes impossible to construct a regular structure on the Vidisha plot.
Even up to dilation of 15 degrees one can go for a regular construction .
Say in a factory of size 100' bye 75' and in Vidisha layout ; then to activate the north south energy axis ; treatment is needed to the mouth and tail of the Shalaka that travels along the diagonal of the Vaastu . While joining the diagonal ; still that position works to be Vidisha as it's worked on the rectangular geometry . So up to 15 degree dilation ; one can find the exact source point of the North South Shalaka. Just activation of these two points of the north Shalaka ; the total scenario of that company changed.
That is how one can understand the importance of certain nodes and deities which work as the pressure points to activate the positive energy in the cosmic body of the Vaastu Purusha. It's like the checking of the pulse in Aayurveda ; the vaastu analysis should be focused with requirements- experience- events happened in that structure after the construction.

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