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Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
11. In the treatment of surface cleansing what is more important is to attain the sacred geometry to that structure.
This cleansing is related to removal of those structures which act as the hindrance to the mandalacar path of the energy.Many times levels of floorings are wrong -for example if "northwest is high and southeast is low " then it acts as if the slope of the ground is to the southeast ie it acts as the weak earth to the southeast ; which may lead to ego-anger-overconfidence that may lead to wrong decisions in the deals.Along with the delivery of the finished goods may come in danger due to defamation or some quality issues.
As the northwest gets loaded and southeast gets low then it forms the torque of the fire and wind .Whenever Saturn or Rahu passes through 1/5/9 fire signs ; then in this period ; such structures-factories may face some critical issues related to production -accounts-government legal matters .
In such cases it is necessary to reload the southeast and to deload
the northwest. To add the virtues of the sacred vibrations , one can use the copper Lingam with copper triangular helix to southeast and bronze Lingam with bronze circular helix to northwest zone.If proper Nanda tithi is observed for the southeast ritual and Jaya tithi is observed for the northwest ritual then the cycles of time and vibrations of directions get tuned automatically.Such act is termed as "Kaal Dish Samayochit "ie disha becomes the vehicle to transform the time in to sacred aspiration.
While establishing such sacred assembly under the plinth add as many Chidvastus as possible.Chidvastus may include rudrakshas-lotus seeds-hard almonds-betel nuts-hard turmeric-dried dates etc.
Provide a pit of 36"bye 36" bye 36" and make its cleansing by burning the magic mixture in side with chants of Shanti Path.Then sprinkle the divine waters like teerthum by using mango leaves .
Then place the charged helix and Lingam assembly in the pit with base of unhusk rice .Fill the pit by sands from divine rivers and pebbles from sacred places .During this process do the chants of Sanskrit mantras and place all the chidvastus besides the lingam assembly.Then put the concrete slurry to fix it in position.Plant the tree on this assembly; which suits to that zone.

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