23/09/17, 10:56:20 AM: Narendra Sahasrabuddhe: SahasraMahavaastu
Modern corrupt Vaastushastra is taking wrong turns as it is not connected to the original oriental understanding of the subject .Because of this lacuna many fraudulent systems have captured the market and people are suffering due to their Gobel-Tricks of hoardings-paid TV programs ,big advertising and all.But due to this the grace of tradition and bliss of 18 Maharishi is getting abstained from the people.Mixing of theories with fengshui-Greece techniques-pseudo use of modern machines like lacher antenna -use of plastic bowls with name as pyramids of Egypt are total corrupt practices in the field of Vaastushastra.81 grid analysis with eight matrix of deities of eight directions with central pivot support of Brahmsthanam is the base and foundation of this divine subject of Maha-Vaastu.So activation of Ang Devta-Aavaran Devta-Brahma by Up-Peeth-Rachana is the ultimate Remedial way to get peace-prosperity-progress.
Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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