Sahasra Maha Vaastu:- Hyper excitation of west vibrations is the severe fault of this building. Anybody works in this space will face the problem of "disagreement in ever walk of life" as the traditional vaastu Shastra says that such" hyper excitation of western streams leads to fights, disagreement , court matters and disintegration, occupants of such building need the vaastu treatment to control the vibrations of west zone. In addition the encircling of red square in this zone of wind element signifies a powerful torque of wind and fire element. In such cases the severity of the ill events get intensified leading to the total disintegration and division., Such indications and symbols are indicative of esoteric concept of the Vaastushastra , which is called as the"Vaastu Laxanna" Dr.N H Sahasrabuddhe 9822011050 +919822011050

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