SahasraMahavaastu Brahmsthanam: Being lies in the central zone ie Brahmasthanam,where as becoming something happens through the movement of energy around this central zone.If being ie Brahmsthanam is absent in the house then becoming does not get the grace and bliss to fulfil the aspirations ie desire-hope-longing-yearning-hankering-urge-wish.It is the central zone in the Vaastushastra that acts like the cosmic transformer-triggerer -creator of the energy-ether-activity .Hence seeding of auspicious stones in the central core of the Vaastu to creat the sequence of grah-tatva-devta-Disha-urja is the most important ritual called as Up-Peeth-Rachana /Ratnadhyay.That can be done by 81 grid analysis and not by the wrong path followed of other fengshui system ie Ray -System ie 16 axes system. Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe 9822011050

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