Esoteric Vaastu

25/09/17, 10:58:23 PM: Narendra Sahasrabuddhe: 🌺SahasraMahavaastu 🌺
🌸Esoteric vaastu:🌸
Whenever in the north zone ,one finds obstructions to the streaming of organic energy or elemental discrepancy ;then it is indicative of loss of aspirations of the north zone. In this example we find two grown up stems of big trees in the north zone. The rules says that wood sucks water leading to loss of virtues and qualities of the water element. Since north contains red colour in this example it show's loss of qualities of North zone. Red represents fire element and wood supports fire and wood sucks water and fire promotes earth element ;so in a way it is the assemblage of enemy elements to the water element. Such situation by esoteric thought ;shows that there must be aggression of male over females leading to depression , disease and deterioration.
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