Vaastu Aspirations

08/09/17, 9:54:55 PM: Narendra Sahasrabuddhe: SahasraMahavaastu:
In modern times when we apply the Vaastu-Vidya it is necessary to study the solar path and relative positions of the Sun in comparison to the construction.In ancient theory an independent system to mark the north grid is given ,which is based on the solar shadows and its culmination.In this time one can avail all this info from google search ,hence sun's relation with the house can be defined properly.This is called as system of Yogik Sour-Sandarbha.On this basis one can understand the matrix of deities and effectivity of deities in correlation to the relation with the Sun rays.This is the base of the subject of Global-Vaastu.Excitation of the fire element as Atibal-Nirbal-Yogik depends on the angle of Sun rays.The quality of confluence of Jaivik and Pranik energy depends on the position and the path of the Sun.
Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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