SahasraMahavaastu: Whenever such divine forms appear in a tree that bears fruit then divine auspicious souls form one organisation in that surroundings.Such form is said as Svayambhu .Any desire-will-need is posed in front of such deity gets fulfilled ;if properly prayers are done ,on right occasion and auspicious time.If some enlightened soul has graced such deity by regular systematic rituals-prayers then that soul totally adds the divinity and sanctity to that deity. This Ganesha is at divine place of Sakori-near Shirdi and is ritualistically established in position by The Great Saint Sati Godavari Mataji ;direct disciple of Shirdi Sai Tradition.She has performed 10 Yagyas each year to the right side of this Shri Ganesha.There lies a Yadnya Shala to the right side of Ganesha and this divine fire adds a great power to the deity.The basically wood is the element of the east zone ,which conforms in this case and Sri Ganesha is facing west. So here this Ganesha is really in a Vignaharta-Sukhkarta -Ichhapurti form;means that removes obstacles,gives happiness,fulfils the desires. Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe 9822011050

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