SahasraMahavaastu: Tantra-Vaastu: The real discussion on the subject of Mahavaastu is available in the Zen-Buddhist-Philosophy.It is considered as three parts of the life ,which are connected to the three stages of the life and in turn connected to the three sets of directions.Similar concept we find in the famous jain symbol too ,which is identical to the figure similar to human palm. First stage is Kaam-Dhatu,in the yogashastra ,it is the activity connected to the Muladhara ,which signifies the South-Southwest-West zone ;and in the traditional Vaastu Shastra as Shringarshala and the Rangshala.It is the place of the desire connected to the Anna-Kosha in the Jeeva;means it signifies the Earth-Element.In the earth element alone the Beejankan-Prajanan-Pariposhan is possible ,means Seeding-Growth-Reproduction is possible.Hence for completing the activities related to the Kaam-Dhatu are connected to the South-Southwest-West zones. Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe 9822011050

10/09/17, 7:10:33 AM: Narendra Sahasrabuddhe: SahasraMahavaastu:
Tantra-Vaastu:In is the second stage of the life ,it is said as the Roop-Dhatu ie Form-Evolution.This activity is connected to the Northwest-Brahmsthanam and Southeast zone ;as unless the placement of Prana and Agni does not happen along with the vibrations of the creation through the Brahmand Lahari ie expanding consciousness of the lord Brahma ,the evolution of the form has no meaning.So the Achar-Vaastu starts moving in a mandalacar streaming of the energy and becomes a Char-Vaastu.Achar means of earth element and Char signifies the energy-Gati aspect.As in Vaastushastra,the utmost importance is to the Form Analysis (Roop-Dhanu)and not to just Remedial Aspect .In the Taitiriya Upanishad it is termed as the Vyarhutis as Prana and Agni.So the rhythm and the synchronicity are attained due to the connectivity of Prana and the Agni through the bridge of Brahmsthanam,this is the Roop-Dhatu in Mahavaastu promoted by the Zen Buddhism .
Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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