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26.Lingam is formed by the aura of two rotating spheres ;one above the other.So a Lingam represents a dynamic sacred geometry;which makes the Lingam to act as the divine medium between the Self and the deity . As per the zone the quality of the deity and the element changes ;with this reference when we use different metals-colours -Ayadi equation-chants to this form then it gets activated to give the subtle-sacred-synchronised wave forms of that zone.This is the secret of Mitavali where the Lingams are used every where.
When established under the floor it activates the Earth continuum.When established in the wall it activates the vertical plane.When placed in the ceilings they shower the bliss like the Parjanya.
Every direction contains possibility of the three types of faults ie at the Bhumi-Earth level,vertical plane means the walls as the medium and the ether that is from the ceiling level .At each of three possibilities , the connectivity of the planet changes ;hence for corrections it needs different metal-form-activator .For example the earth of the west zone is ruled by the Venus ,the vertical plane is ruled by the Saturn ;where as the sky is ruled by the Rahu .
When one correlate the subject of the Vaastu to theory of yogshastra , astrology,sacred geometry and oriental philosophy then one understand these mystic links of the surroundings.This sacred knowledge leads to the secret and sacred remedies as explained here.
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe

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