Vaastu Palmistry

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
94.When two different disciplines of the prediction are connected then the accuracy and more remedies are possible to effect a better fortune.
As we know that if oneself changes his attitude then it changes his destiny ,so all these shastras are showing a mirror and the possibilities ;so that anybody can improve his nature and change the face as the Nature wants and not as his petty self wants.
As in the vaastushastra,the corners reflect elements and elements create the type of consciousness;so is true in the Palmistry .If the attitude is diagnosed and concurrently changes are done by remedy then the course of lines keeps changing ;leading to a change in the destiny .
Every palm has some deficiencies and every house needs some corrections.Life becomes a series of fights to attain the becoming ;to attain the goals.This friction and resistance is visible on the lines of the palm .This friction and resistance is visible in the form of the house .If the form is changed then the future gets accelerated to attain the fortune -is the theory and practice of the vaastushastra.Where as weakness in the person are read on the palm and then it is easy to connect them to the form of the house .
So when the fate is changed by opening the source directions ;the course of the fate line and connected symbols and signs automatically change and this is the beauty of the bridging the Palmistry and the Vaastushastra together.

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