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99.When there lies a distance between the head and the life line ,then it signifies the independent personality .This force of independence is connected to the planets mars and sun in the vaastushastra ;ie the east and southeast zone .But if the heart line shoots on the mars lower mars then it's not a good sign ,it shows aggression.
If lower mars is overdeveloped then it signifies cruelty-aggressiveness-quarrels ,so termination of the heart line shoots on the lower mars may lead to some criminal activity .
In vaastushastra it's reflection can be seen by the passaging of the forceful energy from the east -southeast zone .Such hitting forces even break the Brahmsthan ,that controls the entire house ;so it leads to jail due to serious criminal activity .
Some people call lower mars as the Rahu ,and Rahu zone in the vaastushastra is southwest and west zone .When along with such vithishula of east-southeast zone ; any fault like terrace-water body-depression lies to these Rahu zone then the intensity of the negative event increases loudly .
So in palm if head and life line are apart at the beginning,heart line shoots set on the lower mars and the lower mars is overdeveloped then it is the indication of the criminal activity .

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