Vaastu Maha Lingam

🌺Sahasra-Mahavaastu 🌺
🌈Dr N H Sahasrabuddhe
50.Northwest matrix of deities contain the most important deity which is connected to Lingam directly ie Rudra Devata.
The ideal place for god in the house as said in traditional Shastra is northwest ,where all the rituals are critically followed then.Northeast is for home temple is a general rule for all.Northwest contains the deities Rog and Naag .These are very sensitive deities ,and make the premises haunted if they contain the fault .As we know the definition of the Vayu Tatva as वायु: सर्वतोस्थित: means the wind exists everywhere as a matter of movement or as a fact of voids.So when the place gets haunted due to faults in the northwest zone means the vibrations of the PaapRakshasi-Rog-Naag are exhalted.
As the Naag deity represents the forward movement by creation of symbolic infinity figures ,and shows the forward journey in the future ;but when there lies fault then this sacred infinity symbol gets lost and reverse cycles of time begins which take oneself in the past ie world of the Sapt Patalas.
Shosh-Paapyakshma-Rog-Naag are the four divisions which may create the feel of the haunted house ;but if the Angdevta Rudra is powerful then this may not happen.
So establishing the amethyst blue Lingam with circular bronze helix and silver bilva patra in the Rudra division on the Jaya Tithi ,will create the nucleus of the Ang Devta Rudra .Such a powerful nucleus of the deity can reestablish the entire matrix of the northwest zone.
Such a Lingam if established in any factory or office on the division Rudra of the plot then it improves the transactions of finished goods .Simultaneously it is preferable to burn the magic mixture in dry coconut in the Bhrush division of the southeast zone.

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